On the trail

Dusk. A brisk pace. Down the hill to the stores, but more than that to move, to stretch the legs, to shake out the electromagnetic buildup of days in front of the computer, head inside six different baffling software programs. The long slope past the ravine. To my right a flicker of movement on the… Continue reading On the trail

50 happy things (almost)

In fact, this is more like 25 happily grateful thoughts, but apparently I’m very slow, as I spent a lovely hour making my list and was still at only 25 or so, and the exercise was supposed to take 10 minutes… please see below for the full explanation of the challenge, and I recommend the… Continue reading 50 happy things (almost)

Out of Time

Today a man unwound his long arm from somewhere behind his body and stretched his hand towards me, saying, “I have to warn you, I’m a transgendered person and my name is Eve”. In his hand was an apple. *** Yesterday a man standing beside me gently tugged my hair, calling me “cute”, “beautiful”, teasing… Continue reading Out of Time

On and Off the Grid

Although we’d signed the lease early Tuesday morning, we couldn’t move in ’til Friday night – it was that kind of week, has been that kind of month. We packed the car, dumped our stuff, breathed in and looked around and vowed to come back soon as we could. Can you see our space, up… Continue reading On and Off the Grid

One love, one planet, (almost) one colour

The quiet simple beauty of summer days by a lake, a mountain, some marshy reeds… The trees rise up, a Divinity reaching to the sky – The water looms reckless destructive / creative, life-giver / game-changer – At night the fire dances its endless variations of a trickster’s smoke and mirrors, fascinating orange mirages play… Continue reading One love, one planet, (almost) one colour