The cat

The last few nights I’ve had the bed to myself (rocky patch in the marriage) and I’ve been noticing a funny thing with my dreams.

The first night was a frightening cast of characters – a very large scorpion, a vicious fanged viper, other large insect-things all scuttling, darting, swarming, on the floor, the cat amongst them, dancing an evasive dance, trying not to get bitten, stung.

I woke up in a sweat, the cat sleeping on the small of my back.  She often does this – sticks to me like glue through the night, cause we keep the heat low, and I am the softest and squishiest (read “fattest”) of the humans in the house.

The bad dream I shrugged off to the bad patch in the marriage and in a busy week didn’t have time to try to make sense of it.

Then the next night was a dream of a kind of underground boutique zoo, and the cat was down several stories in the crocodile’s compartment and was about to be crocodile snack – I had to rush down and save her.

I woke up to find the cat perched, sleeping, on my hip.

Again I didn’t think much of it, but the following night the cat slept with my son, and then I DID have dreams about the marriage, and there were no cats to be seen.


Then last night she was back on my hip again, and the cat dreams were back.

Clearly a connection – as if I’m having her dreams, or as if she is inserting herself into my dreams.  Some kind of osmosis or overlap or combo-pack of her world and mine all jumbled up.

There was something Ohki Simine Forest mentioned in passing at a teaching in Santa Fe last spring about how one shouldn’t sleep with the cat, cause they have a different vortex (huh?), and their dreams will affect your dreams.  Ohki said she would wake from strange dreams, find the cat sleeping on her and just dismiss the dreams as being cat dreams – not ones to spend any time on.

Interesting though, to think of the cat’s world of dream characters, her anxieties and fears.

4 thoughts on “The cat

  1. Ha! Robert Moss says it is possible to enter the dreams of an animal, and it sure looks like that is likely to be what you’ve done here. I never thought of that possiblility, though. My cat often does sleep on my bed, but generally down next to my feet. I have never noticed anything like wht you have.
    I have heard that if a cat likes to sit in a given spot in the house, that spot is likely not to be a good one for humans, because cats gravitate to different energy patterns than people. I suppose that could be a diferent manifestation of what you heard about dreams.


    • Yes, what you are saying about energy patterns is the same idea, I’m sure Terron. And continuing the observations, I notice that last night although she was in the bed, she was not glued to my body, and I did not have her dreams or the combo-pack dreams. Phew!

  2. This is interesting. I remember once, when I was little, having deep dreams of wandering green hills, eventually blinking myself awake, and in that moment finding my golden Chow-Chow sitting in the moonlight, calmly watching me while I slept. It was a feeling of peace, and the moment is forever saved in my mind’s eye.
    I hope the rough patch in your marriage smooths over, by all means they’re tough, and it’s even harder if we aren’t able to process what’s going on. Sending you positive vibes…

    • Thanks for the positive vibes Michi, very sweet! And I love the image of your golden Chow-Chow watching you in the moonlight – such love in the world :)

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