The About Page

You could call me Katalina, or maybe Kat.

I could introduce myself with some astrology since it sounds so trippy and hippy and grand, for example – red serpent

In Mayan astrology I am Red Electric Serpent (something about an intense relationship with the body, and a capacity for shedding skins, for rebirth).

wood dragonIn Chinese astrology I am Wood Dragon (big ego, opinionated, reckless, never settles down in love).

Both of these somewhat infelicitous descriptions fit me quite well.

My hopes for this space are to share the rambling path that is my life, both visual and anecdotal, to burrow into lived experiences, the world out there and the stuff in my head, and crack open the navel-gazing like a walnut just to see the insides.

Would love to hear from you, passerby… back looking out

Bright Blessings to all Visitors,


PS – would be thrilled if you’d check out my still-new more-purely PHOTO site

PPS – you can contact me by email at –

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94 thoughts on “The About Page

  1. So nice to have found your blog. We are two moms who have children in college and youngest about to enter 11th grade. I worked in the tv industry, too. Looking forward to reading Follow your nose.

  2. Follow Your Nose,
    It’s nice to have a fellow Canadian following Le Clown… Even though that fellow Canadian is from Toronto.
    Le Clown

    • In my defence, what can I say??? Um….I wasn’t born here…um….I lived in Montreal for 10 years….um…. Actually, I find Toronto has gotten way cooler over the years – it’s grown a bit of grit. And I notice when I’ve been away in other Canadian towns and then come back to Toronto, how truly multi-cultural it has become….

        • Yah, I recognized the jab at Toronto from my years in Montreal – when I lived there I would tell people I was American (true, technically) cause being American seemed to at least offer some exoticism.

        • Katalina,
          This made me laugh. And I apologize for my fellow Montrealers. From now on, I will only be nice to you, unless you mention the Maple Leafs.
          Le Clown

  3. Good to have a place where you can express yourself in a more relaxed way that in the present media industry. Happy to make your acquaintance, Kat! …”the mysteries of the universe and fluctuations in the weather” – yes, that is how it presents itself a lot of the time, isn’t it? Deep revelations mixed in with taking out the garbage :) looking forward to exploring more of you blog ~ ♥ Tomas

  4. Bright blessings to you Katalina! Have nominated you for a Liebster Award because I love how you find magic in little things in life! Please do collect it when you have some time from here: And I look forward to reading your answers to my questions!

    • Aalif! Such a sweetie you are! Am just on my way out of town, so will be a few days before I respond, but will definitely do it. And looking forward to checking out the other blogs on your list.
      xo Kat

  5. Hello Kata. Thanks for the visit and follow. You’ve such a wonderful blog I’d like to explore and follow ardently. Hope to see more of you around my corner.

    • Uzoma, I was delighted to happen upon your blog this morning – I think it was a wordpress generated suggestion. The first thing I saw was your post about the kola nut proverb and ceremony, and as for the past week I’ve been reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (I know it is old, I’m embarrassed to be so far behind in my reading) but there are of course endless references to kola nuts, something just a little foreign to a Canadian winter, and I’ve been away and had almost no internet access, so could not complete the image in my mind and….well then there you are with kola nuts first up and your beautiful spare writing style. Following is my pleasure. Kat

      • Aw, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while now about the late Achebe (he passed away a few weeks ago). I read Things Fall Apart while I was still a boy. Achebe,an Igbo (like me), portrayed most of the Igbo culture in his book and also about the advent of the white man. His book is one of the important books used in literature in Africa. Kola nuts, on the other hand, are good. They are used in certain beverages. Thanks for commenting on my writing too. My pleasure following you.

  6. Hello Katalina, following our intuition is a must- and happy to meet you, thank you so much for pressing the follow button on Dreamwalke’s Sanctuary, I look forward to dropping back to read some of your posts…
    Blessings ~Sue

  7. I have always had gut instincts and “feel” what the right and wrong thing to do is, physically in my stomach and spiritually as well. I never realized that everyone didn’t feel that way. So glad I found your post, glad you found mine.Blessings to you from Laurie at

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  10. Kat, I like you in spite of your Canadianianianness… kidding. Thanks for the great conversations on Twitter and blog world. You’re a great writer, so please don’t stop.


  11. I really like your blog and the topics you talk about. More importantly I like the energy ad n enthusiasm about life nad living that seems to come through your post/ Hi Five for being so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Katalina es uno de los nombres que más me gustan para una mujer. Mi hija se llama así, Kata…, su nombre tiene relación con una isla de Brasil donde yo solía pasar muchas temporadas. Visite tu blog y puedo apreciar que tienes muchas fotografías de bellas flores…, además es diferente a otros blogs, espero visitarte a menudo…
    Un saludo desde el sur del continente…

  14. Hello – i just discovered your blog – from my reader recommendations – the nose caught my attention – I am currently stuffy and sneezing. your photos are beautiful and your ‘about’ is lovely. my son will be majoring in film editing/business in the fall – he is my first baby going away to college. I hope you do not mind, but i believe i would like to hang out at your site for blogs to come:) Kimberly:)

    • Oh, well I’m sorry to hear about your nose, but how lovely that it brought you here! Please stop in whenever you like.
      My baby has just finished his first year at college, but has chosen a place close to home, so I don’t miss him yet….
      Be well, Kat

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  16. Katalina, it’s very nice to meet you and your blog. Thank you for dropping by my blogs and for the follows. I’m looking forward to discovering your blog. I’ve only had the chance to read one of your posts thus far (besides your About page) and your photos are amazing. Can’t wait to see more.


    • Hello Victoria! Your blogs look fascinating – I’m always interested in stuff about the human mind and psychology in all its different manifestations. Thanks so much for the follow, the comment, the kind words.
      Yours, Katalina

  17. Kat,

    Your blog looks like exactly the stuff that fascinates me and pulls me in, like a moth to light! We have some interests in common, probably even life events too. Looking forward to perusing your stuff! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Best wishes and experiences into the aether! ;)

    • Hi Professor! Yes, wonderful to make your acquaintance. Not even sure how I made it over to your blog – following a series of blog awards and blog rolls and wandering out in the dark of the interwebs I found you… :)

  18. Katalina, thank you for choosing to follow Wine and Cheese (Doodles). Your collages are delicious, and I admire your dedication to following your intuition. We should all listen to our hearts more. I look forward to exploring more of you inner workings ;-).

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  20. Enjoyed your writing and your photos ~ They evoked a visceral response in me and that is an important thing when there is just so much to see that everything can’t possibly make you feel. Grand job. Shalom to you fellow traveler. Andora

  21. Have loved you photos and site for some time. But never realized you were a Red Electric Serpent! This may change things! I may become even be more attracted to your outstanding work!!!

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