April Showers & a Monumental Symbol

Dearest Blog-Friends,

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard privately from a few of you, asking me where I am, why I am so quiet…colour, feet, stumbleI hadn’t realized I was being quite so quiet as to draw attention to myself, but there you have it.  Things have been a bit overwhelming in my world, much much stuff going on.colour, cross, crowdApparently there is a Grand Cross forming in the sky (planets opposed to and squaring each other, like a big monumental Easter hologram in the heavens), producing a lot of stress, pressure and change for a lot of people.  Seems I am one of ‘em.colour, close on young manMeanwhile, one of the things I’ve been tinkering away with, slowly here and there, is trying to get another site going, just for photos.  I’m thinking to make Follow Your Nose a bit more of a writing / musing / iPhone space, and to make the other site, KathAphoto, a place for more finished photography.
It’s still new, still taking shape, just a couple of posts up, but I’m hungry for any kind of feedback, of course, so if you’d like to stop on by at some point, I’d be most grateful.
And for now, some more old scans, of Easter, of that monumental Christian symbol, in other lands -
colour, 2 in a rowHope to be more vocal soon
Mucho affection
Happy spring
colour, wide of streetWeekly Photo Challenge – Monument


Threshold of the subway doors, humans and hints of animal beyond – wolfman on subwayThreshold of a slinky bus, during a morning commute, he studies his phone, bathed in light – 20140406-193526.jpgThreshold of a cliff, of the lake, of the edge of the city, of the transition from urban neighbourhoods to the wild beyond – 20140406-193632.jpg
Threshold of a smile, of the beginning of life, of nascent love…20140406-193701.jpgWeekly Photo Challenge – Threshold

Abandoned Photos

runner, truckThey’ve been sitting in a folder in the basement, old old work prints that never quite got finished, and are here scanned. I’m thinking to join a local photo co-op so I can scan some of the old negatives and revisit them, give them some love, resuscitate them from their state of defunctedness.boy w fridgeThey are moments of abandon, in different meanings of the word – a moment of wild running abandon; an abandoned fridge and perhaps child as well; and losing oneself to the abandon of sleep…sleeperWeekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

Three Hearts – alleyway art evolving

art in the alleyIn the alleyway just down from my house, there’s the expected graffiti on the garage doors, but more unusual are the bits of installation art that appear.
This one of the heart has been most striking.
It began on one side of the alley, on a kind of plywood sliding wall, and has morphed over time, its paper images and fold-out doors peeling away in the weather, then magically sprouting new imagery in its centre.
After several incarnations on the plywood wall, one day it had been moved to the other side of the alley, near someone’s rear doorway. alleyway heartIt continues to evolve. The images continue to shift. Over time it’s become a highlight of the walk down the alley – to see what new elements have arisen in the night.
I’ve been thinking I must contribute to it at some point, adding some new element, some small sprinkle of love before we leave the neighbourhood.

20140225-113954.jpgWeekly Photo Challenge – Three

Treasure Two

Over the weekend I was thinking about treasure, personal treasures, and I remembered this piece of stalactite from a cave in Spain, reminding me of a time and a place of beauty and freedom and adventure, and a person who was special to me, Seanna the American.
She was a bit of a wild thing, divorced (which seemed slightly exotic at the time) and living in Spain in a funky little house in a small town not far from our small town. She’d come visit now and again and she and my dad would have martini parties and laugh loud late into the night.
We’d gone to the caves together one day and before we left she bought this slice of stalactite from the guide and gave it to me as a gift, one that I’ve kept all these years, hanging in the window so the light will come through.stalactiteAnd taking photos in the afternoon sun, I noticed how this piece of orange calcite glowed so beautifully, a hint of gold to the orange, and was thinking actually maybe this was more of a treasure-looking thing -
orange calciteAnd turning it this way and that, trying to find the best angle, I heard a crash behind me -
kitty w featherAhhhhh, she’s at it again…
You see, treasure one lives in a box on the table in my room, and someone else seems fascinated with feathers.
She knocks the lid off the box, pulls the feathers out, throws them up in the air and licks them, leaving them scattered in a sodden mess around the room. kitty w feather 2One morning I woke up with a feather clutched in a fist and figured somehow in the night she must have brought it into the bed and it ended up in my hand…
Treasure indeed…
Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure


Irrational perhaps, I couldn’t tell you why exactly, it isn’t connected to a single memory or association, but is perhaps the sense of invitation, or mystery, or being lost in a field of infinite softness…or maybe it’s the notion of being handled with the delicacy of a feather… I really don’t know, but something about this image to me suggests treasure… Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

Selfies now and then

FIRST STEP, hit play –

Errands had to be run – downtown, all around, this and that and here and there.
In a little knick-knack store in Chinatown that has yielded so many delightful little 50¢ treasures in the past, I came across a rather spectacular masquerade mask. Have no use for it whatsoever, but at $2.99, I couldn’t resist.
Figured if I put it on and took a picture of myself and funked it up with some apps to a grungey snow queen finish, I could text it to a friend to make her laugh.
Still haven’t heard back from her yet…
One of the latest collages I have going has an old-fashioned selfie element – my face squashed into the glass of a photocopy machine, there in the bottom right-hand corner. It was part of some art offering to a boyfriend way back in the day, back in the day when there were more boyfriends than you could shake a stick at and impulsive photocopy art seemed like a good idea, before the weight of life experiences grew up and around my little self…
fish fire collageWeekly Photo Challenge – Selfie

Juxtaposition (cleaned up)

salgado claw collageLately I’ve been doing more juxtaposing than anything else – taking bits and scraps of my own photos and other people’s photos and paint and glue and words and crayons and fragments of paper and throwing it all together - flamingo heart collageThere’s an easiness to it compared to drawing and painting, compared to facing the blank page…and yet it’s sort of scary and exhilarating to desecrate a beloved favourite photo – the Sebastiao Salgado claw in the first collage, the Steve McCurry child in a blue alley below -buffalo - deer collageThe photo of a little girl in the centre of the one above is me.  Years ago Brenda from Burns the Fire made a splendid collage with the same photo as a gift – it has faded with the years but still makes me happy -brenda collageWeekly photo challenge – juxtaposition