Attitude of Gratitude

dewy spiderwebToday I was painting and printing some photos, and I kept thinking about how Symbol Reader had said she liked that shot of the seagull, and in fact, maybe I could imagine a series of blue summer postcards using the seagull, the sky, the beach, and maybe another series of orange summer postcards using the sand castles, the paddlers, the kids, and as these ideas, these possibilities opened and unspooled in my mind, I realized how much I’ve felt buoyed by all the kind words recently of so many of the people who stop by here – Symbol Reader and Dawn and John and Sofia and Fat Bottom Girl and Uzoma and Ashley and my new friend Emmy at unbuttoned or undone and my heart started to overflow with gratitude for all the support and kindness and generosity of all these people, I felt so very very blessed…
And on that note I should include one more shout out, as I’ve been participating in a Create Positive Change Program (it’s free!!) by the delightful Nicole at Cauldrons and Cupcakes – and more than anything it is about practicing gratitude.
And man, am I ever feeling grateful…
white on white feather 2Just one paragraph (or two)


20130731-223037.jpgThis week I am somewhere where there’s a lot of these things – trees, birds, sky, water, flowers, bunnies, space.
There’s no real internet access but I figured once a day I could just toodle down to the local hipster Internet cafe –

20130731-223424.jpg… order a coffee and sit with my laptop tapping out little posts.
But then this –

20130801-055728.jpgSeems my brilliant computer science genius son has installed a new operating system on the laptop that neither I nor the 3 employees of A&W on shift yesterday were able to decipher.
So there may be an interruption in the flow of paragraphs. Typing on the phone as I’m doing now remains an option, but feels a bit stifling, somewhat counter to the purpose of being out in the wild Canadian landscape.
If I’m quiet, know there will be photos to show for it later… bonne semaine!

Random Moments

Part of life with the internet – the great and wild west of the world wide web – is the enormity of the information that is suddenly available to us all.  It is impossible – it is a voyage in a stone canoe across a very large lake level of impossible – to keep up with everything.  So the selective filters and the random connections are really the only way to go.  You choose a few things from the horn of plenty and move forward.  What or how those things relate to your life can be small or enormous, but in the spirit of the teachings of Robert Moss, whose work builds on Jung’s attention to synchronicities, I am absorbing these apparently random things with appreciation and consideration for their astute sense of timing in making their appearances in my life, as they is possible in any life where one is paying attention.

One of today’s random internet offerings was a hilarious video of an anarchist performance action in what appears to be London – it does underline the sense of the impossible in their outrageousness, drawing attention to the unthinking givens of our consumer corporate culture.

On a related note, last night my husband and I finished wading our way through Inside Job, one of the most excellent and important and urgent documentaries I’ve seen in a while (and I see a LOT of documentaries).  It was a fascinating experience to watch it with O, my husband, as he is someone who was very very eager to leave Cuba and the futureless communist system and, as a relatively recent arrival, is very pro-capitalism.  Yet watching the way Wall Street bankers and brokers tinkered with an unregulated market to make themselves millions of dollars and destroyed the economic lives of millions of ordinary folks, he could not believe that the government did not step in, and that even the Obama administration in fact has done almost nothing in the way of reform since.

Change, the change needed….now there’s an impossible job, a stone canoe.

What would it take?