The birds

26 degrees in Toronto today.  Just sayin.

So, it’s happened again.

In the night, first a strange upside-down handstand dancing with a woman who seemed familiar, then out by the side of a highway alone, waiting for a sound from a bird.  It would be a message or a signal when I heard the sound of the bird.

I say again because some weeks ago I had a dream of a parrot who was blue and red and white, and I was startled on my way to work when I saw a parrot in the window of a house just around the corner.  One of those regular green ones, but still.

And stranger yet was that afternoon I got a call from an old old friend who lives now in Seattle, but when I first knew him in Managua, he lived across the street from a red and blue and white parrot who could only say one word:  Loro (parrot).  The most self-centered parrot ever, he could only talk about himself – loro, loro, loro.

Anyway, I didn’t post about it at the time cause I didn’t have any pictures and I wasn’t sure what conclusion to come to about the odd series of coincidences.

But today, in the afternoon in the hammock in the beautiful warm weather, having completely forgotten any dreams, I was approached by a robin.

He was remarkably bold, coming up close to me to check me out, spying me with one eye, then the other, his head cocking at all angles.  And he didn’t startle but waited patiently while I got up from the hammock, went inside for the camera and came out again.

As he hopped closer and closer to me I realized he was making a sound.  It was hard to notice at first, cause it wasn’t a full-throated song, and his beak didn’t actually open – it was just the faintest chirping that seemed to be coming from him cause his tail would dip slightly in rhythm with the sound.  And as he got very close, I could see his throat moving every so slightly, expanding and contracting with the rhythm of the sound, beak still closed.


That’s when I remembered the dream.  I was supposed to wait for the sound of the bird, and it would be a message or a signal from someone.

What signal?  What message?  What the heck could it all mean?

Well, guess who showed up next -

And he was gone – bye bye robin.

I hung around looking up into the branches of the trees, buds starting now, everything starting to bloom, and I couldn’t make any sense out of how the dream related to the funny little robin and what I could possible take away from any of it.

But I realized how happy and excited I felt at the connection – that even if I don’t understand what any of it’s supposed to mean, this sense of the mysterious magical whisperings of the universe gives me such happiness, such a feeling of peace and joy and excited possibility….

I like.