As it happens, for the last week or two I’ve been photographing patterns – snapshots, really, just to record the ones I see, to be able to remind myself of patterns.


These were all taken at the ROM, mostly through glass, just taking note of the variety of creativity used in patterns.





21 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Try the patterns in a frozen mudpuddle some time, the ones on a tide flat, the ones in the bark of a willow tree, the ones made by bark beetles in a tree, the foot tracks of an insect in dust, the ones in a slice of a translucent agate geode, the ones seen close up in a granite boulder, in some lichen growing on a rock. I’ve got some pictures I would send you if I could.

    1. It’s so funny, I’ve just been shooting these things with my phone, and yet when they posted the Photo Challenge this week, my first thought was, Gee, what the heck could I put for a pattern…. Like, duh.

        1. The African one with all the different squares of patterns – so cool. It didn’t look great as a photo, but lovely as a fabric hanging there.

  2. Oh, I like these, especially the 3rd one, but I do like natural patters, better. Somebody mentioned a woodcarving, but i don’t see one. Which one is that?

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