Sanctuary no more

cat meditationThere is a disaster happening in my back yard.
What has been my sanctuary for the last decade or so has become a kind of apocalyptic scene.  
construction beginsConstruction was begun – walls were ripped down, a deep hole was dug, the shape of the foundation was marked out.
Then the flash flooding happened, bringing not only a muddy soup to the hole, but two small trees.
flood in holePumps were brought in, an unforeseen crawlspace with cinderblocks was discovered, the foundation had to be rethought, the engineer brought back in for new plans, and meanwhile, another storm.  
Big tree down.
big tree downThe big tree has taken out the fence to the neighbouring yard and my koi pond, or what was left of it. Raccoons had begun feasting on the larger fish, and only a few small ones were left, but this tree dislodged the pump, emptying the pond.
It feels kinda like someone is trying to tell us to move.
Standing barefoot outside in the mess this morning, doing the sunrise ceremony I do every day, smudge held to the east where the sun shows itself between 2 buildings, I wonder about the idea of moving.
A pair of cardinals, the male and the female, come and light on what’s left of the tree above me, so close I can see the way the early sun lights the crests on their heads. They chirp and twitter, as if having a small private domestic conversation.
Maybe don’t leave just yet, I think.
Just (a little more than) one paragraph.

14 thoughts on “Sanctuary no more

  1. oh my – I am certain when all is repaired and renovated this will seem like a distant memory. It is amazing how animals adapt isn’t it?

    1. Thanks, Kim, for your kind, calming words.
      Indeed, the cardinals were so lovely – light and airy and effortless in their movements – they didn’t seem troubled by the state of the tree at all.
      The thought of moving isn’t quite as impulsive as it sounds – the bad juju has arrived after a long litany of troubles, so we will see…

  2. I just watched a piece about Navajo Indians last night–about how they face the rising sun and take it into their bodies. I can relate, because I feel like I get a lot of my good energy from the sun.

  3. Breathe… It’s so hard to stay centered and optimistic in the midst of all that chaos, but take heart from the sun and the birds. All will be well, one way or another, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

  4. What happened here? Why the whole in the first place? When I saw the first photo: the cat and the lovely Buddah, I felt so serene… and then. Ugh, I hear your stress. I get it. I hope you’ll find your sanctuary again, but so sorry for the loss of your peace, Kat.

    1. You like the picture of the kitty? I call it “Cat meditating on cat nature in cat garden…”
      Renovations / construction next door, but next door is very very close and we share the back yard (my landlady owns both properties).
      Making plans to get out of town sooner rather than later – I just miss enjoying the summer out there 😦
      Thanks for your kind concern, Dawn

  5. Beautiful words for an uncomfortable and disturbing situation. You are right, when bad vibes hang about too long, it’s time to move on and find another spot to lay your peace and breathe in zenitude. :-).

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