Foreshadow of mortality

20130802-145327.jpgOut for a walk along the shore today I began to collect things. Little fragile things that appealed to me that I thought best to put in a baggie if they were to have any hope of making it home intact. When I got home hours later, the collecting already forgotten, I found the baggie with its assortment of tiny delicate objects.

20130802-145932.jpgThere was something about the plastic and the randomness of the items that made me think of the drawers of collections at a natural history museum – a jumbled assortment of various species of flora, crustacea, stone and insects.20130802-150001.jpgEach thing seemed to be in a state of deterioration, a point along the meridian of birth, life, and disintegration, suggesting its own mortality – a kind of foreshadowing of our own short time here. 20130802-150020.jpg


Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreshadow

15 thoughts on “Foreshadow of mortality”

  1. There is something about the effect of photographing your little collection through the bag that I really like. I particularly like the second two. Also, the way the entire collection is laid out in the last photo looks like the perfect composition for one more shot of the whole collection.

    1. You know Jeff, after I took those shots with the phone, I pulled everything out and took proper pictures with the big camera, but they look so boring compared to these first snaps…

      1. I’ve got a waterfall shot I took last fall that’s the same way. While it came out great with the “real” camera, I kind of like the one I got with my iPhone more.

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