Infinites – macro & micro

For a soundtrack and feeling of infinite childhoods, you can start here –

Messing around in Photoshop, I created the following image, drawn to this treatment of it because it reminds me of other things, as if it’s a universal pattern in nature, but also in human creations, making me think of a small town with clouds – orange-red leaf exp1Of course it is a leaf. And it looks like and is presumably akin to human epidermus – w epidermisBut more interesting, it also echoes these, as if we repeatedly create visual likenesses of patterns found in nature – chinese ghost town – a ghost town in China
yonkers-satellite-image– Yonkers, New York
helstonarea– Helston, UK
For a really trippy soundtrack to make you think about the concept, just listen to this –
Here’s the original image, pre-Photoshop – orange-red leafWeekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

35 thoughts on “Infinites – macro & micro

  1. What a great take on the challenge, I love the way you’ve looked at the world and joined it together. I really like the original photo….pre photo shop….buts that’s me all over:-)

  2. I really like your thinking on this weeks challenge. I have to say that I think I like the original photo of the leaf better though. Of course that is probably because living in the north-east I’ve got autumn on the brain right now, and the original says “autumn” to me.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I know what you mean about the leaf – there’s some cool / interesting things you can do in Photoshop, but whether or not they are really ultimately where you want to go is another story…. I have a gazillion more leaf shots – maybe a post just for some leaves is due 🙂

      1. I think a leaf post is a great idea. There are so many different patterns, textures, and colors to be found in leaves I’m sure it would be an excellent post. So lets see it! 😀

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