Infinite as in: impossible to measure or calculate
Infinite as in: greater than any assignable quantity or countable number.
climbing caterpillar 1Infinite the number of wriggles and squirms this little guy will need to climb his invisible thread to the tops of the trees where he will make his sprawling mess of a cocoon –
climbing caterpillar 2Infinite the number of wingbeats this guy will make in a vain effort to escape the damp of the bathroom he wandered into by mistake –
moth at windowInfinite the number of feathers, shafts, vanes, barbs on any winged creature –
green green featherInfinite the variations on red, gold, orange, yellow, green that happen to the leaves each fall – dark green leaf, hint of red exp1
very orange straight leaf
red & tan leafWeekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

23 thoughts on “Infinites

        1. It’s okay, the bugs can take it.
          The leaves are my favourite too (sorry, Canadian spelling) – I took maybe 300 of them. I find I’m a bit impatient with the finishing part though, I like taking pictures but the processing part is less fun…

          1. I hear you. Though I take fewer shots than I used to, even fewer still get my attention when it comes to post processing. I usually jump right in with a few of the stand-outs from any given shoot, leaving the rest to languish as I move on the the next outing with my camera.

          2. Yes, exactly. Glad I’m not the only one.
            Probably cause I’m still very new at it, and still blown away by the “infinite” possibilities of digital, that I’m still taking a LOT of shots.
            When I was a teenager and first started exploring photography a hundred years ago, it was too expensive a hobby for me to pursue.
            And I didn’t get a digital camera until just over a year ago, so I’m still thrilled that I can take hundreds of shots and not have to pay to develop them.
            I’ll get over it eventually…

          3. Awe come on, I doubt it was all that long ago that you were enjoying your teens. 🙂

            I wish I had had an interest in photography when I was a teenager. I might actually be a famous somebody by now, instead of just another wanna-be. Though I’ve been a creative, artistic type for most of my life, more so in my younger years, I’ve only been interested in photography for about 5 1/2 years. Early on I took a ton of shots, both because I was still learning, but also because I’m a huge experimenter. If I get some wild-ass idea in my head I’ll try to capture it. Most of the time it doesn’t work out, but a lot of times I’m blown away by the results. Even better than what I had envisioned.

            Regarding that last statement, “I’ll get over it eventually…” You’re right. Soon you’ll go from pressing the shutter at everything that happens to be in front of your camera, to knowing what will make a good photograph. Though I still experiment a lot, I’ve found that the better I get at this, the less often I actually press the shutter. My ratio of “keeper” images vs. the “no way in hell anyone’s ever seeing that” monstrosities, has gone way up. And if you have anywhere near the talent with camera and lens as you do with brush and paint, and from what little I’ve seen so far you do, you’ll be taking fewer photos while making more good photos soon enough. 😀

          4. Photography does seem like a field that is flooded with so many talented people now – I can imagine that if you’re trying to pursue it seriously this could feel daunting, overwhelming.

          5. It is and you’re right. The world is full of talented photographers, and the internet has made it very easy for people to share their images. I have no unrealistic illusions that I’ll be the next Ansel Adams. Or even earn enough to quit my day job. I do sell a few prints a year, not as many as I’d like, but enough to give me a little fun money. To date my biggest sale is 29 large prints to a local dentist. If I could do a couple of those a year I’d be really happy. But the sale that has the possibility to have the biggest impact on my “career” is just about to happen. One of my photos will be on the back cover of a nationally recognized children’s magazine in February. The entire cover in fact. And yes, I’m pretty excited about it! 😃

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