29 thoughts on “Eeriness

    1. By chance! In processing I hit upon this one filter that took the image to a very spooky place, and it seemed like an interesting place to go with an otherwise ordinary image.

    1. Thanks so much James! Have been watching a spooky, creepy but very well made thriller series, so the eeriness is not quite gone yet, but I think I’m almost at the last episode now…

      1. Oh my! A long period of watching scary movies/thrillers. You are braver than me. I usually start to watch a series and then become distracted as the rabbit jumps onto the sofa wanting a cuddle. Lol! Hope you have a great weekend Katalina!

  1. Nicely creepy! I see you like to take photos with your iPhone so perhaps you’d be interested in joining Sally’s Phoneography Challenge every Monday. (If you already do and I didn’t recognize your blog, my apologies.) Each Monday there’s a theme and everyone’s welcome. Here’s the link to this week’s if you’d like to take a look. We’re a pretty nice group, I think, so drop in any time. 🙂


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