Pomegranates & friends – Layers

navel pomA friend was in from out of town. We used to be roommates – a year or so spent as Plateau rats in one of those gorgeous, reasonable-rent Montreal apartments with a view of the mountain, just before I became a mom or really had a career to speak of – so long ago now, those young and loose bohemian times.
hairy end pomMy friend was / is a singer, and would wander around the apartment in a thin bathrobe warming up her vocal chords. We’d meet for coffee and giggles in the kitchen before heading our separate ways – she taught from home, I was working long days in the early days of a film career.
interior skien pomThe first night she was here, after some 20 years of really not being in touch much at all, we stayed up late into the night talking, drinking wine, catching up on the many shifts and twists in the tales of fate and circumstances, reaching further and further into the delight in each other’s company, alive again and still as it had been at the kitchen table many years ago.
raw interior pomIt was in the morning after she left I saw the pomegranate on the kitchen table. She must have brought it with her and left it behind.
Such a treat, the thick rind, the weird layers of membrane holding the tasty seeds – such a unique fruit sensation.
Pleasures, simple pleasures, friends and fruit.
ecu pom berriesWeekly Photo Challenge – Layers

33 thoughts on “Pomegranates & friends – Layers

      1. The pomegranate has so much historical and symbolic significance generally and for me personally, so I guess that’s where my particular fascination stems from. It’s a fascinating fruit indeed…

  1. I love this! The complexity and juciness of friendship is so well illustrated by your photos! Pockets of sweet rubies to savor; a feast for the eyes and taste buds and yet one has to spend time and carefully mine them out of their nooks and cranies. Great piece!

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