20131122-155413.jpgIt’s a dismal day here today – grey, blowing rain, no light to speak of other than a dim dull short overcast November day. Not a good day for taking photos. Not a good day to go out and explore and happen upon something unexpected.
20131122-160910.jpgBut there were these things. Little bits of things I’d collected on yesterday’s walk – sort of dead and grim looking where they stood, as is everything in the landscape right now, but up close beginning to show a surprising beauty…
20131122-163009.jpgThe unexpectedness of tiny worlds through the macro lens –
20131122-163202.jpgStrange to discover the fine strands of the milk weed seeds reminds me of my niece’s hair –
20131122-164004.jpgweekly photo challenge – unexpected

28 thoughts on “Unexpected

    1. I had such macro lens envy for a while, so at first I just got myself the little clip-on macro for my phone that I took these pictures with. So this is iPhone with Olloclip macro attachment.
      Then for my birthday in the summer I asked for a macro lens for the big camera, and I LOVE it….
      Thanks Dawn πŸ™‚

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