Let there be light – the drama of the tree

broken treeOur backyard has always been dominated by this massive tree that grew up on a slant in the centre and towered over everything.
During a storm this summer, a big branch came down, fell across our yard, broke the neighbour’s fence, and had to be cut away.
A couple of macho guys with saws came and hacked away at the problem branch.
Thus began the demise of the tree.
tree w broken branchIt had been a home to many, a hang out joint – my boy and I called it “kitty’s tree” cause the cat would roar up it’s slanted trunk and, lolling in a crook halfway up, survey her queendom.
A hammock hung from it’s branches – the perfect shady refuge on a summer day.
squirrel on branchBut the loss of the big branch had upset the balance, and the tree would sway precipitously in every gust of wind.
It had to go, had become a danger, was likely to break further and do more damage. It was becoming ugly as it lost its parts.
And so it was taken away, leaving a big empty space in the back yard.
tree stumpMy teenager complained that his room was suddenly too bright, he couldn’t sleep in in the morning – the windows to the back where we’d never had curtains were suddenly open and exposed to the morning sun.
We added black velvet to his window to give him some darkness again.
B's windowSitting at my desk at night I suddenly found I could see right across the yard into the neighbours’ windows – neighbours I’d never been very aware of before became little fragments of stories moving around in their homes.
neighboursAnd then one morning I noticed how all this new light allowed the smaller trees to shine – where before they’d been dwarfed and overshadowed, now they could begin to come into their own…
tree shadowWeekly Photo Challenge – Let there be Light!

42 thoughts on “Let there be light – the drama of the tree

    1. In fact, our back yard has been getting darker and darker as the trees on all sides get taller and taller –
      perhaps now there is more light I’ll be able to get some flowers back there again.

  1. I have lived a similar story. Trees that were taken down dour to weather, age, disease. It broke my heart when they were chopped down. It was as if I lost a family member, but then in time something else would grow. And the adjustment to more light and feeling exposed. Life goes on and we go along with it;)

    1. The adjustment to feeling exposed – in fact, my boy noticed a vague near-fear the first couple of nights. His room was practically inside the tree, so when it was gone suddenly, it was as if a layer of protection or embrace was gone.
      Anyway, we’ll see what it all looks like come spring.

  2. It could be that the tree was unsteady after that big branch broke off, not because that unbalanced it, but the same force that broke the limb had loosened or broken some roots as well.
    There are many trees that will not sprout or take root unless an old one falls first.


    1. Terron! Nice to hear from you.
      Yes, we had 2 very ferocious storms there in the summer and other trees were taken down as well – plus with the construction and flooding next door, the earth of our little plot here has likely been shifting around a lot.

  3. What city are you in? Last summer we got hit hard with a wind storm that severely damaged amny trees. An ice storm this winter did even more damage.

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