Window into intuitive art-making

1st root collageRecently I signed up for a free online journaling course, Lisa Sonora Beam’s Root Journal Project. I’m all about the free element, and the journaling part seemed fun, stimulating, and I figured, hoped, assumed it would get me writing more regularly again.
The idea is you write and / or put pictures in your journal – a kind of combo of images and words exploring various themes. The course provides prompts to get you going, but you take it wherever you like.
Thing is, from Day One I found myself skipping the journal completely, dropping pen and book on my bed and going straight to the floor to some large sheets of paper where I started pasting images, painting over top, and scribbling only the occasional word here and there.
Really not in the plan. Already I was off course.
Which was kind of okay, though my mind wouldn’t shut up with the chitter chatter about What was this for? What is the purpose? Where exactly is all this mess and nonsense leading?
Golden collageWell, Chill out! the process seems to say – just allow yourself to go down to the roots of the connections, the place of vague intuitive links between colours and words and textures and images and fragments of thought and see what happens –
Chillax and see what you learn about yourself, about the world, about composition, who knows…
pink lion collageEach day I think I might actually write in my journal or at least come back to the previous day’s collage and work on it, develop it, add a little more depth and cohesion, but no, each day I’ve started a new one.
double heart collage
turtle collageThe process has helped spawn lots of freer, bolder painting projects (coming in the next post, perhaps) and seems to give me a fresh way of thinking about photography as well, even if I haven’t written a stitch, not one word.
And of course the mess in my room continues to grow…
fisheye roomWeekly Photo Challenge – Window

25 thoughts on “Window into intuitive art-making

    1. It is an awesome room, you are right, I love it.
      Just a bit tricky in the night, going to the bathroom, I often hear the crunch of stepping on a pencil or something…

    1. You are too kind regarding my mess.
      For now it only seems to annoy my son when he has to pass through briefly, maybe twice a week.
      Not sure what would happen if I were to think about something like dating though…

  1. Seriously interesting work, Kat. Lots of depth and colour. Even with all that colour they seem contemplative to me.
    I love reading about your process and seeing what ‘happens’! Beautiful.

  2. I have to agree with the first comment , your room is an inspiring place. Your work always amazes me from its style, composition and the use of many ideas and mediums. Thank you Katalina for brightening up my day

  3. The words may come, but if not the art is fabulous. By the “picture is worth a thousand words” standard, you’ve “written” volumes.

    Now your room, you actually sleep in there? I find it quite interesting that you have a clear path to the closet, yet the way out, not so much šŸ˜›

  4. I love it! Those images are so rich and colorful and carefree – I want to dive in and swim in them. Clearly, you are getting things out of this course. I wouldn’t worry too much right now about exactly what things they are… just know you’ll be better for having created so much beauty!

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