Juxtaposition (cleaned up)

salgado claw collageLately I’ve been doing more juxtaposing than anything else – taking bits and scraps of my own photos and other people’s photos and paint and glue and words and crayons and fragments of paper and throwing it all together – flamingo heart collageThere’s an easiness to it compared to drawing and painting, compared to facing the blank page…and yet it’s sort of scary and exhilarating to desecrate a beloved favourite photo – the Sebastiao Salgado claw in the first collage, the Steve McCurry child in a blue alley below –buffalo - deer collageThe photo of a little girl in the centre of the one above is me.  Years ago Brenda from Burns the Fire made a splendid collage with the same photo as a gift – it has faded with the years but still makes me happy –brenda collageWeekly photo challenge – juxtaposition

28 thoughts on “Juxtaposition (cleaned up)

        1. The hand is by Sebastiao Salgado – if you’re interested, check out his pix of oil fields in Kuwait and mining pits in Brazil – very striking, terrifying memorable images.

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