Spring! Danser, danser…

Maybe a month or two back, a friend told me she’d posted a frog picture I gave her on her fridge in an attempt to invoke spring. It made me think of my frog deity painting thingy, who I see as some kind of Lord of the Marsh, of the wetlands and creeks and bullrushes, and I put him out where I could see him, wishing, waiting for warmer days –
green frog deityI’ve signed up for this thing – 100 Days of Happiness – what better thing to take on when your life feels like a tornado has struck.
Simple concept – each day you post a picture of something that made you happy, and hashtag it and all that. For 100 days.
Yesterday I posted this first real green green thing from the back yard – spring finally coming, after so long…
springAmazing how the sight of just a little bit of verdant brush can provoke so much happiness. Such a simple pleasure. The winter was so brutal, so cold, so relentless in snow and wind and harsh temperatures, everyone can’t help themselves but talk about it, the joy at temperatures creeping just above zero, the warmer winds and rains, the hint of buds on the trees…
Today I wondered what I might post for my happy prompt, when I saw this on Facebook –

Danser, danser…
Too fun. The sense of dramatic choreography to it, how they get all in sync towards the end, but oops! blocking the girl.
And it made me think of all the great African tunes that are so fun to dance to…like check out the snare drum in this –

And then I knew my happy prompt would have to be the new belly-dancing skirt / wrap thingy a friend gave me –
macro skirtJust a riot to dance with! I don’t know how to belly dance, but the jingle-jangle is just hilarious.
And another synchronistic message floats up from Facebook –
hard timesDanser, danser…
Okay, wait, wait, just one more spring groove tune to get yer Mayday on –

Happy Beltane!
Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring!

34 thoughts on “Spring! Danser, danser…

  1. Yes, the frogs! They are the real sign of spring to me. When I hear the frogs I know it is spring for real. Nothing green growing here yet, except for the ones that have stayed green all winter, like the spruce trees. My daughter brought in a pussy willow a couple days ago. But the coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) is flowering along the edges of the road. It is a European weed that only showed up here in recent years. I was afraid at first that it would become a problem, but it seems to grow only on the shoulder of roads and banks so steep they have nothing else growing on them because the dirt slides frequently. So that’s OK. They put out yellow dandelion-type flowers before they grow leaves. I guess their stems must be green, though, so maybe there is something green growing.


  2. Loved the ‘danser, danser’ video. What joy! Reminded me of growing up and learning to dance by watching and mimicking my parents and their friends play around to music like this. We still break out like this whenever we get the chance.

  3. I love that you have a frog deity and how somehow this managed to eventually lead to a belly dancing skirt in a way that I’m pretty sure the association between the two has never been made before… yet somehow makes perfect, sublime sense! So sensorial, this blog of yours.

  4. 100 days of Happiness – love it! And of course, we both went with frogs πŸ™‚ And then music and dance, and we’re ALL happy ! Here’s to spring Kat – good job!

  5. I love the “first real green green thing” from your backyard πŸ˜€ And what’s this dance??? Amazing! The song is just addictive! Ah, hilarious frog, btw πŸ˜€

  6. I actually find your frog deity painting intriguing. Never have I seen a frog drawn that way, and I feel cheerful looking at it. A lot of work and passion must have gone into it, and how can you not appreciate that? The simplest things in life do bring us joy and content.

    Love the photo of your flower too. The petals of the brush almost look like bananas. I love eating bananas. Reading your post has made me happy πŸ™‚

  7. Its good to Dance and feel happy especially when we have had a knock back in life… Its the only way to Sing and Dance… I can just imagine you in your skirt shimmying away :-)…. I had a Wonderful Beltane.. πŸ™‚ Sending you Lots of Love Katalina Love and Blessings Earth Sister πŸ™‚

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