29 thoughts on “Minimalism

    1. Thanks John! Great to see you here online and commenting!
      I’ve been completely out of bloglandia and facebookland too.
      Eventually I’ll be back with some WORDS… 🙂

  1. Fascinating and gorgeous!
    Bringing the unseen into focus (nature morte), the luscious colors and fragile curves and folds of flowers, and then sea & sky… well… that’s what dream landscapes are made of.
    I am so glad you are working away at your art and producing beauty that you freely share.
    Yay girl! High fives!

    1. Ahhh, M, you checked out the new site – thank you!
      It is not a feedback-friendly site, but good for a clean photo display, so I’m moving in that direction for that corner of my life.
      So many corners I seem to have… 🙂
      High fives back at ya across the waves!

          1. Know it? If you see an image from me it’s been through at least one of the Nik plugins. Love them all! They’ve made my post processing so much easier and faster.

          2. I figured! All the gorgeous colours you have going…. I was just introduced to them, so have begun working more on my post-processing. By the by, you’re a Canon guy, aren’t you? Any particular reason?

          3. They are all great aren’t they. The biggest reason I love them so much is how easy it is to get the final photo I want. I could learn how to do almost anything the Nik plugins can do, in Photoshop, but I have no desire whatsoever to take the time to learn it.

            Yes, I am a Canon guy. The reason is simple. When I was looking to get my very first camera back in 2008 I knew 2-3 other photographers who all used Canon. I had a ready made knowledge base, and a source of lenses to borrow. It’s not because I thought they were any better than the other guys, though I won’t lie, my white lenses are pretty cool! 😀

          4. My camera is a Canon, kind of starter DSLR, but I’ve been spending some weekends with a rented Nikon d800 and although I don’t love the cryptic menu, I do love some of the images I’ve been getting… maybe I should try a weekend with the Canon 5d mark lll or somethiing and see how that goes

          5. I have a couple of friends with the D800 and their photos are amazing. I’ve been toying with the idea of going full frame and buying a used 5D Mk III, but then Canon announced the 7D Mk II. All I need are the funds 😉

      1. The milky white brings me to a cool, quiet room/space, where I can drift in my own thoughts. The blurred lines of the shell (?) leave the interpretation open… again, drifting, free to explore. I love the simplicity of the image, without colors, background, or distractions.

        1. Lovely lady….thank you so much!
          The other day I went for a consultation / portfolio evaluation with a photographer I admire. His assignment to me: write about your photos. Find the words that describe the impulse behind the photos.
          You’ve just helped me with my homework…. 🙂

  2. What a clever site.. Love the way the photo’s scroll to the side.. Lovely… Hope you are well and Many thanks for dropping on in on Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary .. Have a Great Christmas Holiday .. ❤ Sue

    1. Always a pleasure to drop in! There are people and their sites I’ve been missing a lot with my internet absence…. Thanks so much for your kind words on the new site. Need to put up a bit more stuff, keep fleshing it out… Big hugs, and wishing you the best for the season!! 🙂 Kat

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