Happy Yellow Solstice

bullrush twinkleThis, the shortest day of the year in the North, the darkest day, was blessed with a bit of sunshine here and there, peaking between the bullrushes at the frozen pond.yellow lightsIt is a day to feel the distance between sun and earth, for appreciating all the beautiful lights we create to light our homes, to brighten our way in the long, dark nights.
Inside, in the yellow glow of incandescent lights and candles, many yellow treasures can be found… yellow durgaA yellow Durga on a yellow lion,
or a yellow mask – part of a current Mexihca mask practice…
yellow maskAnd the latest mess of paint, much of it yellow, perhaps calling to the sun, reminding it to come back up this way again soon…
yellow paintingsHappy Solstice!
Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

21 thoughts on “Happy Yellow Solstice

    1. Guaps! I miss your countdown… 😦
      Hope you have big plans for your surfboard these days and are enjoying your time away from the screen…
      Happy season! xx

      1. Already looking forward to my traditional (does three years make a tradition?) new year’s day surf.
        My wife’s admonishment: don’t die.
        what better way to start a new year!

        Happy holidays to you and yours!

  1. Your latest “mess of paint” is looking like a really interesting painting to me πŸ™‚ On these long, dark days, it’s always nourishing to catch a few rays of sunlight, wherever it happens to fall, inside or outside…

    1. Thank you! The mess of paint makes me awfully happy – maybe one day they will be presentable…
      Enjoy the gradual returning of the rays! Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful post Kat!
    Wonderful pictures as always and very intriguing stuff that invites lingering…
    My solstice was blue and gold too.
    Wishing you lots of love and extraordinary moments for the coming year.
    Big hugs.

    1. Hello hello!
      Blue and gold, mmmmm… actually much better colours for the season than red and green – evokes the star of Bethlehem or something.
      Also wishing you great things for the year ahead,
      xo, Kat

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