New dream, new image

Well, sort of…

The dream was a tiger, massive and powerful, leaping towards me, making me flinch with fear in the certainty of death, then turning to the right, now a holographic vision of this splendid creature, rivalling the Life Of Pi creation –

But even though the tiger is a new visitor in my dreams, the repetitive nature of the theme – of the large cats coming at me – is unmistakable –

panther collage - brighter

There’s a quote from Robert Moss I’ve been trying to remember, about dreams hunting the dreamer…
But doing a search I find so many quotes from Robert Moss about hunting and dreams and dreamers, it becomes clear it’s one of his big themes –

You say you are hunting your power
But your power is hunting you.
I’ll go up to the mountain, you say.
I’ll fast and live on seaweed
I’ll hang myself on a meat-hook
Under the hot sun. I’ll give up sex
And wine and my sense of humor.
What are you thinking of?
For you to go hunting your power
Is as smart as the mouse hunting the cat.

Go out in the garden any night
Step one inch outside the tame land
And you are near what you seek.
Open the window of your soul
Any night and your guide may come in.
The issue is whether you’ll run away
When you see what it is. To make sure
You succeed, tether yourself like a goat
At the edge of the tiger wood that breathes
Right beside your bed. He’ll come.

And again –

I like the saying of the Aborigines of my late native country, that the big stories are hunting us.
The big stories are hunting us; picture predators hunting and sniffing and stalking in the bush, looking for the right person to jump on. I think it’s like that with the big dreams… I suspect that in a way the big self and the big dream is stalking the little self and the little every day dreamer; and the question is how do we spend time in the right kind of liminal territory where we can easily be found.
To think that we are hunting the big dream or the big story is like the mouse thinking it’s hunting the cat.
The big story or the big dream is actually after us.

Well. Seems I (still) have my work cut out for me.

In the meantime I’ve started in on a new painting – my favourite way to spend time with a dream, with a dream character, just finding his face in the shapes, allowing him to slowly emerge from the colours…
tiger first draftHappy New Year!!!
Weekly Photo Challenge – New

19 thoughts on “New dream, new image

  1. WOW.. what a powerful Dream.. and such a wonderful Painting.. I am smiling broadly here as you are the second blog in seconds that have touched on Dreams.. and especially as I just typed up my own Dream to publish tomorrow.. How about that for synchronisity.. 🙂

    Lovely to see you again.. and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you..
    Blessings your way for a wonderful 2015..
    Hugs Sue xxx

  2. This is noteworthy to me. I don’t usually have dreams of predatory animals, but last night, here’s what i dreamt: 4 January 2015

    Last night I dreamt one or two other people and I were to put some sort of monitor on a few tigers, but not a physical electronic device. It was to be done psychically somehow. I think a person was supposed to be able to tune in quickly and automatically to that particular tiger, once the monitor was in place.
    Four or five tigers were coming single-file up a narrow path and someone reminded us that a tiger who has been around people will sometimes notice when you try to do that and make some sort of attack, but, since they are not in the same dimension, they will not be able to reach us. The most they could do is poke a small hole the size you could stick your finger through.
    We were lucky to have this group of tigers coming along so soon. In fact it is very unusual to see more than one at a time anywhere. We would only do one of them out of these, anyhow. So we proceeded, but the tiger did come raging right at us, so I think we dropped that one and did one of the following ones. Then we waited for a while, maybe sort of went looking. It wasn’t long before we found a single tiger, on which we established a monitor without incident. I’m not sure we found any more tigers at all. I thought we had had good luck to find those two so quickly.

    It seems like at some point I saw the hole the first tiger had made, a ragged, roughly rectangular, hole several inches square.
    Questions: What does monitoring a tiger mean? What is a hole between dimensions? I saw this hole in at least one other dream, last night, and in one it seemed the presence of a whole clearing in the woods that looked like a roughly-cleared field was due to that, and I said to whoever else was present, “It’s not supposed to happen this way.” What is this all about?

    Action: ???


    1. Such great detail, Terron – really fascinating dream. I’m struck also by the parallels – my tiger turned into something like a hologram, something not-material, echoing your different dimension theme.
      What is your association with tigers? You say you don’t usually dream of them, but what is your kind of first-word first-thought association?
      It’s interesting that there’s a distinction between tigers who have “been around people” and those that haven’t – that seems like a juicy detail.
      Action… I like drawing or painting, stuff like that – but there’s also things like re-entering the dream? Or learning more about tigers?
      Thanks so much for your dream – really appreciate it,

      1. I don’t come up wth a word, but with a feeling, which isn’t completely simple to describe. I guess it is an awareness of the nature of a tiger, its solitariness and use of sudden overwhelming violent force.

  3. “You say you are hunting your power
    But your power is hunting you.” I can definitely related to this. Beautiful images and thoughts taking you into the New Year. I’ve been feeling a lot that 2015 is the year of personal power. Clearly we are both tapping into the field. Happy new year!

  4. I don’t know what tiger has to say. In my dream our intention was more or less to spy on tiger. to find out what tigers do, how they spend their time. Tiger rushed at us because it objected to being spied on, I guess. Why did your tiger rush at you? In both our dreams, tiger proved to be non-physical. I suppose, a tiger who did this under such circumstances is saying something like “Leave me alone!”

  5. I remember vividly when the cats started visiting your dreamtime. I remember sharing a lot of messages last year, as we tried to settle our brains over the dramas and traumas of the New Year. How wonderful to start this year with such a gorgeous vision of the cat. This painting is spectacular! I hope it’s a harbinger of a creative, joyful new year. Happy 2015, Kat! xo

    1. Dawn, thanks so much for that warm reflection on the past year… and for your good wishes.
      I am so happy for you that things look like they are really taking off with the writing exposure – may this also continue and lead you to great things! xxx K

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