Orange thoughts

full on orange stamenOhhhhh how I long for the days to be warm again…
When flowers grow everywhere in brilliant exigent colours,
When swans float gently silently alone in the morning’s rays,orange sunrise swan squareWhen the heat beats down on us from the great ball of fire in the sky, and we don’t need furnaces and fires and electrical heaters to keep us warm…new year flames exp4And when the orange demon spawn who resides with us can once again play outside…orange catWeekly Photo Challenge – Orange

38 thoughts on “Orange thoughts

      1. Starting tomorrow, we’re supposed to be having temperatures in the 40’s and even 50’s by next week, so I’m ready for that!! One wonderful thing is that it’s light much longer now and I love that!

      1. I see the bird in the photo as a swan and a swan is my favorite animal (after my pup, of course). As a little girl, when I learned of the ballet Swan Lake, I knew immediately I wanted to be a ballerina. I have many swans in my house and photos – I was blessed to get to dance Swan Lake and was one of the 4 little swans. it is my dream (and this will sound extremely silly) to reincarnate as a swan. my tumblr is covered with photos of swans and Swan Lake ballet photos:)

  1. So I have to say I love the cat because he looks like mine, and I posted a photo today too…stop by. This challenge is so fun to see what everyone posts, and they are all so different. Love it!! Jackie

    1. What??? You don’t like cats?? And here I thought we were friends…
      No, seriously, thank you – the cat pic is more for the laugh, and also practicing with a new camera, getting to know it.

        1. 🙂 I knew I could count on you for a bit of gear gab…
          I got one of those Sony Alpha a7’s – very small and compact, and yet full frame.
          You? Whadya get???

          1. Nice!!! After much back and forth, and a lot of people insisting I absolutely must “go full frame,” I went with a 7D MkII. The 6D was in the running for a while, but my eyes were the deciding factor. As I’m all too rapidly approaching 50, my eyes, especially when wearing my contacts, need all the help they can get for close up work. So I’m having to rely more and more on autofocus. Looking at the autofocus on both cameras it was a no brainer. I haven’t read much good about the 6D in regards to AF. The 7D on the other hand, has a slightly improved version of the killer AF of the 1DX.

            All in all I have been seriously considering making the jump to a mirrorless system for the weight savings. As more and more of my photography involves backcountry travel, the size and weight savings is a big draw. That being said, I’m a pretty big guy, in the best shape I’ve been in decades, so carrying my beloved Canon gear is a “sacrifice” I’m willing to make. Not to mention making the swap doesn’t make financial sense to me right now. Maybe if I’d really thought about it before dropping the cash to upgrade from the 7D to the MkII, I could have sold all of my “L” lenses and invested in the Sony, but right now I’d take too much of a hit selling the camera even though I only just got it in November.

            Sorry you asked, aren’t you? 😉

          2. Not at all sorry!!! I read about cameras, the specs, the reviews, for days and weeks on end before I finally made my choice, so I get it.
            The 7D Mkii sounds like a beauty. And I figured, from previous chats we had, that you would stay with Canon cause of the lenses if nothing else. And the one drawback with the Sony is there is not yet a huge selection of lenses, so…I think you made a good choice.
            Lenses was a big part of what I thought about, but I finally decided that since I don’t have many, and the only one I really love is the macro lens, which works well on my Canon Rebel with the APS-C sensor, I could just keep that and go half-Canon, half-Sony. So I have one camera that’s good for macro, and another camera that’s good for full-frame scenarios.
            Phew! Okay that was fun. 🙂

          3. Considering what I’m sure you spent, it only makes sense to research the crap out of it. And you’re right, while I”m not hugely invested in Canon, I only have the 17-40 f/4L, the 70-200 f/4L IS, and the recently acquired Tokina 11-16 f/2.8, as well as the also recently acquired 600EX-RT Speedlight, the money I would lose on selling those would have me starting a bit behind if I were to jump brands. I know of several local photos that have done just that. One was very heavily invested in Nikon. She had a D800, several of their “L” equivalent lenses, etc., and sold it all and got the Sony. Honestly, I’m more likely to one day add a mirror-less camera and a landscape lens or two than I am to switch completely.

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