8 thoughts on “Water Bliss

  1. Kat, these are truly gorgeous! That top photo (header and 3rd down) of the waves, is amazing! It’s like a rich oil painting, in texture… I find myself going back to look at it and studying the colors and movement of the water. It is amazing! That one is really stunning. You’ve really captured the spray of the waterfall in the fade of the photo, where the spray is. The grays and textures in the photo, really capture the power and softness of the falls. I like the saturation of the shimmer photo– the closeness of the focus, with the saturation of the white on the water really captures those gorgeous diamond days on water! And finally, the 2nd one down (KA) with the bubbly waves is really incredible. The water seems to be washing over the lens, bringing the breaking waves right to the viewer. The arrangement of these photos really brings the water to life. Each photo in the series really brings the water to life. These are amazing photos, Kat– just gorgeous!

    1. Dawn, thanks so so much – I love that header one too, and am trying to get it to work as a print. Strange thing about photography these days, something can glow on the screen but appears flat on paper, so there are challenges in the translation process, but that one I love so much, for exactly what you are saying, that I’m gonna keep trying til I nail it! And how great you like the others too – that bubbly one… I love it, but no one else has responded to it so far… interesting how taste works. Clearly yours is excellent… πŸ™‚ lol !
      Thanks Dawn. Thanks thanks thanks. πŸ™‚

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