One Four, Two Four, Flying High

cloud line middle clrfxThere’s a few in this swallows series that I keep coming back to, experimenting with.
I can’t always tell if they’re really salvageable at all are not, but keep trying different approaches to see what might work.
This guy is kinda fun with the dramatic clouds that are easy to bring forth in black and white, but there’s not a lot of light on the bird, so the faintest hints of detail get lost –
cloud line middle slvrfxAnd then this fellow below is only a silhouette, but I love him for the sense of movement, the drama of the light behind the clouds, the bird hurtling towards it – divebomb square heading to sun glowAnd then I think maybe that could be even more interesting in an exaggerated sunset colour scheme –divebomb square heading to sun sunsetThe next one seems to work in many guises – as a dreamy, floating above the clouds kind of innocent character – sharp single bird clrfxOr as a film noir mysterious and foreboding villain –
sharp single bird b&wWhich are your favourite birds, dear reader?
One Four Challenge, Week 2

18 thoughts on “One Four, Two Four, Flying High

    1. Yes, we like to have Guap around for the occasional spray of coffee on the screen he can elicit…
      I am so glad you like the exaggerated sunset!
      You know how sometimes you spend so much time on Photoshop you start wandering out into the land of cheese… well, I’m glad that one isn’t too far out there. πŸ™‚

  1. Katalina I love the last image for the lovely clear shape of the swallow and I like the original sky, just maybe crop so there is just a small amt of the golden cloud to balance it a bit better maybe?

    1. Excellent suggestion! I just did the crop you suggested and included it a submission for a show πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much, Stacey. Very helpful.

  2. It is sooo hard to decide!
    As you pointed out the mood changes…
    OK, I love the exuberance of the first one. That bird is just happy and whistling by!
    Then again, I like the perfect glide into the sweet blue sky of # 3.
    …And the innocent, hopeful #5 is just dreamy.

    Well, Kat it seems that my heart goes to sunshine and daisies where birds fly without drama!
    It is fascinating to see how the manipulation of backround colors can really affect the how the viewers receives it!
    Great job there my friend.

    1. What a fun and delightfully engaged response!
      I like where your heart is inclined – to the happy, dreamy, sunny places without dark villains and drama.
      I think I will focus on those… πŸ™‚

      1. Aaarrgghhh! Why do I not see the typos on my phone before the send button goes off by itself, hmm? Or orphan words cluttering the lines? geesh..
        😦 sorry)

        1. Oh, dear heart, if we’re going to survive the convenience of the smart phones, the typos and inventive grammar moments have to be let go of… I know, as someone who cares about words, how painful it is, but… ❀ ❀ ❀

  3. Swallows are one of my favourite birds too, Kat! I look forward to the purple martins returning later in the spring and I never tire of trying to catch photographs of them.

    Your images are gorgeous with the expansive sky and billowing clouds. Freedom!

    1. Oh how I love your purple marlin shots, Karen – can’t wait to see more. Freedom, yes! It is the longing of us earth bound types, watching the joyous soaring capacity of these tiny critters, methinks… πŸ™‚

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