Enveloped in Mess

wide w smearA couple of weeks ago I moved out of the studio.
In the last stretch even the studio itself was barely manoeuvrable, it was so filled with paints and art blocks, papers and tape and stencils and varnishes and mediums and brushes and blow torches and photos and just stuff – stuff everywhere.studio final daysIt was getting so that if I wanted to just sit down and draw, it was easier to get out of the studio to somewhere I could spread out without clutter and make big bold messes on paper –
strawberries charcoal drawing
3 shells charcoal drawingBut those few months spent there in that tiny little studio were super-productive and many new friendships were forged, so it was wonderful while it lasted, until it was time to move.
So now all that stuff that was in the studio is spread all over the house, much of it the living room –
shelves w smearMixed in with tender young plants waiting for the guarantee of no more early mornings of frost – plants on tray, smearMy son’s room, empty while he is away working for the summer, has also become a small assembly line of production (shhhhh! don’t tell him!) –b's desk w smearAll of the messy activity everywhere, of plastic over much of the furniture, is very much to the dismay of the cat who finds almost nowhere to sit –disapproving cat smearNow is a time of finishing, finessing, polishing, “branding” – of
envelopes and packaging and labels and inventories, of getting ready to take something out into the world…cards, portfolios, smearWeekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

20 thoughts on “Enveloped in Mess

  1. Poor Cat… πŸ™‚ But Mess means lived in.. And sometimes we need the Messy side of our lives before we can clear out the clutter.. I am sure you will sort it into some semblance of order soon.. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend.. Sue

    1. Yes, eventually, I suppose… meanwhile having trouble finding some things I could use right now – like that medium sized portfolio seems to have disappeared…. hmmm….

  2. You make beautiful and cheerful messes Kat! I can see feverish activities and creativity. It’s all good! Order will come after… It’s way over rated anyway because it begs to be disturbed πŸ™‚

    1. Later, yes! I’m envisioning a studio-garage at the end of the yard that I can keep all my mess in…
      And and and? The festival’s first year?

      1. I don’t let myself think of the possible studio in my garage…
        The festival’s first year felt more like an almost dressed rehearsal of amateur night. Friday’s wind cancelled the activities and quite a few artists did not want to take a chance on the weather the following day and left altogether.
        So that left Saturday. It wasn’t what I wanted… A little worse than expected; but I met new people, young artists and musicians, made new connections.
        Medville may not be ready for this type of festival. I don’t know.
        You made a wise decision.

        1. Oh I am sorry you were disappointed.
          For myself I am mostly interested in my would-be-host, and the festival was one excuse of many possible excuses to get me across the pond, so I’m still imagining…
          Had dinner with these new Camino friends the other night, and we talked about the plan – it is a good plan, so we’ll see if we as a wee group can get our act together πŸ™‚

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