Enveloped in dandelions, enveloped in trees

curve of stairs, dandelionsThere’s a path up to a kind of open-air theatre I don’t often take. Somewhere over the months it has transformed into a dandelion sanctuary, a place for the entertaining of masses of dandelions.dandelion foregrounddandelion staricaseUp and around the corner, looking deep into the ravine, everything is lush, every last tree and bush has become green – wide of ravineAnd amongst the branches the drama of living, of survival, of hunting and feeding and resting rages on – hawk on branchraccoon in tree holeAt the pond, a small mysterious standoff unfolds –
goose on one legA lover’s quarrel, perhaps…
goose on top of treeWeekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

32 thoughts on “Enveloped in dandelions, enveloped in trees”

  1. How I love this post. The saturated colors, the quietness of the images, the wee raccoon snuggled in his cocoon… Thank you for starting my day so gently.

  2. What a lovely blog to fall upon – such peaceful (and often humorous) photos 🙂 all captured through your enchanting encounters with nature ❤ beautiful

  3. A dandelion sanctuary. I love the visual and the idea of it. Makes me think of a field of dreams- that whole act of blowing on a dandelion and making a wish.

  4. PIcture no. 6, I like that. What it is doing there, Maybe take a rest or look around or … But it’s very funny.
    Good natural pic’s !

  5. Love these collection of photos, especially love the Raccoon? I think.. and the lovers quarrel.. The dandelions are like many peoples heads congregating on the steps .. Loved the quiet sanctuary you have found, it enveloped me 🙂

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