Musing on Georgian Skies

On July 3, 2012, when I’d had my first little starter DSLR camera for about 3 weeks and barely knew how to turn it on, I took the bus up to Collingwood for the first time, went for an afternoon walk and happened upon this scene –the tempest #1The wind was blowing, a storm was on its way in, and I was thrilled by the blasts of wet air, almost sea-like, and the dramatic clouds everywhere.diagonal busy cloudI walked. I took pictures. I marvelled.
At the time all that was expected of the experience was a relaxing week up north on Georgian Bay – I had no idea this was the beginning of something.ducks under billowy cloudsBut now, just about 3 years later, and many dozens of trips north with that camera and several others later, I can say…
Something happened.
Something grew.
That spot, happened upon by chance on a first day out wandering, and the surrounding hills and paths and parks, became my wild sanctuary, my muse, my special spot.canadiana new w rflctr

rocky shore

point, low clouds

the house on the hill

dragon cloud

Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

27 thoughts on “Musing on Georgian Skies”

  1. Wonderfully dramatic. I like how this challenge has people sharing their special places in the natural world.

  2. Fantastic! Such drama and power you captured makes me wonder what the air smelled like when clouds were rolling their angry thoughts.
    Glad to see you back buddy!

  3. Good for you! There is a lot to be seen in clouds of many kinds.I have taken many pictures of them myself, but I never chanced upon such wonderful storm clouds, myself.

  4. Photographs are so eye catching….. The pics look so real that if you will play them on a very very large LED, it will definitely feel that u r looking at the real sky n beautiful clouds.

  5. Wow.. what dramatic skies… and lovely images.. sometimes I think a place just calls us to keep returning.. πŸ™‚ I too have a special spot in the woods by a lovely oak.. πŸ™‚
    Wishing you well Kat.. Hope your Summer is as enjoyable as mine..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue x

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