End of Season

weathered frayedI’d been eyeing them at the checkout at No Frills for some days, the leftovers, the overstock for Valentine’s Day, the ones unchosen.
fading fraying paleDays turned into a week and they were only fading further – aging beauties on their way out, their season past.
soft linen soft pinkI brought them home to play with – to see what marvels they might yet contain…
soft light pink

busy corner pinkness

close folds

folds lay down

deep folds

jolie laide

very pink petals

leathery petals

green glow

orangey glow

super abstract roses

golden glow

deep red glowWeekly Photo Challenge – Seasons

27 thoughts on “End of Season”

  1. A lifetime ago I worked in wholesale flowers. Truckloads of flowers came in from California, Bogota, Holland, etc… One year the Valentine order for roses from France was totally damaged. there wasn’t one bunch that could be sold. Your beautiful photos took me back there. So much beauty there that too few would enjoy.
    The drop of water in the heart of the first photo is like a tear.
    The colors, the fading, the veins and the blending of life and rot…. There is so much there. A richness and poignancy in the details that is beautifully captured, Sorry, I ramble. Beautiful, sensitive work my friend..

  2. Poetic and beautiful. It’s not easy to capture something like roses in a unique and original way, but you certainly have done that. The changes and the colors are really dramatic and have created unusual landscapes of sensuality and color.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment – finding an image that I haven’t seen before is always my quest with the camera, but gosh, it ain’t easy πŸ™‚

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