Water drops – on imitating

fuzzy thing and dropsOver the weekend I was messing around with the camera out in the country, experimenting and trying different things.
As I was framing and snapping and adjusting, I realized I was imitating Karen – realized there were photos of hers I had seen and been intrigued by, and as I looked through the viewfinder, I was semi-consciously trying to figure out how she did that
reflection treesAnd while failing utterly to get the same results, still I found I was teaching myself something via this imitation of a master.
Other moments it occurred to me I was trying to create an image like Sandra Bartocha’s images…
little wet sproutAnd again, failing completely. Yet in the process, little things were learned out about the angle, the blur, the light, the settings on the camera.

It has been almost 1 year now I’ve had this camera, my first digital camera.  We are still getting to know each other.

Mucking around like this in the rain, trying to capture something of the water and reflections and the glistening of water drops, working from an impulse of exploratory curiosity, fun as it was, I found the pictures I was taking bored me in and of themselves…
water drops, rainBut the  process of passing through these mediocre efforts was part of pushing towards something that might still be fresh and different and unique, that might interest me at least, even if no one else.

So then, back home, staring at the endlessly fascinating fish pond, I tried something a bit different –

water drops, orange fishTraining the hose onto the surface of the water, a process began of exploring the bursts of action and colour, of water as it met water…
sharp water drops, activeAnd wondering about the possible extremes of abstraction, I became curious and interested again…

sharpish water drops, active
blur cu water drops

Early summer in the city


Early summer in the city and I start my days in the paradise of our back yard. There is a soft coo of turtle doves in the air, the high chirps of sparrows and robins.  The mornings are cool and fresh, pungent with lilacs – May has given us a series of purple and white blooms.




purple toystory star

Heading down to work on my bike, the sun has risen a little higher into bright towering blue sky days.

Passing through the cool of Allan Gardens park, the homeless guys are still on their benches, emerging from sleeping bags and newspaper blankets, starting their daily routines.

Out onto Sherbourne St, the summer emerges in full force – the streets are starting to exude that heat, the concrete gathering up the suns rays and radiating back a thick smelly weight of warmth.


red building


Taxis cruise by, lazily looking for fares, windows down, music wafting with nostalgia for Pakistan or Jamaica or Senegal or Colombia – mini-worlds on wheels.

A woman – a face perhaps from Yemen, shy and distrustful – holds her head scarf at her throat as she crosses the street.

Groups of men sit outside the soup kitchen, arguing loudly, passing the time, waiting for the next meal to be served.

If it is this warm in May, people say, what will it be like in July and August?

sherbourne st

mother and child

bus stop