Fresh – the rain that breaks the heat wave

The week has been an insufferable heat wave – impossible to think of anything else unless living in a bubble of constant air conditioning (which I do not).
For days a thunderstorm was threatened, promised.
I hoped for it, prayed for it, sweating away the nights on the couch, unable to sleep.
july 19 cloudFinally today it arrived.
The clouds announced trouble coming.
Winds blew furniture and branches everywhere.
The tree in the backyard split in two, crashing into the neighbour’s back yard.
The cat huddled under the bed as lightning lit up the dark sky and thunder crashed around us.
I felt like Dorothy, looking out the windows, watching, waiting.

dark red skyBut in half an hour it was all over, the rain stopped, the clouds passed on by and the sun even came out, no longer a searing enemy, but just gently lighting the wet plants, the cool sidewalks, the last moments of the day…
flares, buds drops
blur, wet white flower
one drop

blue sky breaks through clouds

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh