Fresh – the rain that breaks the heat wave

The week has been an insufferable heat wave – impossible to think of anything else unless living in a bubble of constant air conditioning (which I do not).
For days a thunderstorm was threatened, promised.
I hoped for it, prayed for it, sweating away the nights on the couch, unable to sleep.
july 19 cloudFinally today it arrived.
The clouds announced trouble coming.
Winds blew furniture and branches everywhere.
The tree in the backyard split in two, crashing into the neighbour’s back yard.
The cat huddled under the bed as lightning lit up the dark sky and thunder crashed around us.
I felt like Dorothy, looking out the windows, watching, waiting.

dark red skyBut in half an hour it was all over, the rain stopped, the clouds passed on by and the sun even came out, no longer a searing enemy, but just gently lighting the wet plants, the cool sidewalks, the last moments of the day…
flares, buds drops
blur, wet white flower
one drop

blue sky breaks through clouds

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

27 thoughts on “Fresh – the rain that breaks the heat wave”

    1. Oh isn’t that frustrating, when the storm doesn’t bring cool relief… Today it is still cool, and for the first time in a week I was able to actually sleep! I am pleased as punch 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, where are you? Can’t remember… There is something about the drama of a summer thunderstorm that is so thrilling, I agree. Though the tree down in the back yard is a bit of a night mare. 😦

    1. Funny, I was just looking at the calendar and flight prices, since I finish my job early next week, and there is half a tree lying in the part of the back yard that is not filled with backhoes and cement mixers and (very fine-looking) construction men, and I’m thinking it might be a good time to take a little trip out of town, and wondering where to go…. But Montreal is so passé.

  1. Beautiful images and your text brought me back to the impossibly stiffling summers of New York years ago.. Thank you for sharing your talent and following my blog.

    1. Yes, it is much like the oppressive heat of an NYC summer.
      Following your blog is my pleasure – I wanted to comment on what a vividly heart-rending About page you had written, but settled simply for a follow.

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