Sabereh Writes Back

Sabereh of the muqarnas film lives in another city and she travels quite a bit, so communication is sometimes slow.

She just wrote back to say that she’d seen the first post of this blog in her honour, or in honour of the elusive ideas in the dream.  And sweet as she is, she didn’t say, Hey you weirdo, or Who do you think you are? or What the heck are you thinking starting a blog and putting fragments of dreams?

None of that.  She said:

It makes me feel very good that I appeared like that in your dream.
I think your dream has a message.
I think it talks about our roots as human beings and how we need to hang on to them to make peace.

Coinciding with her email was stumbling on a version of the Peacemaker’s story that is the fullest and richest that I’ve seen yet.   It is in several chapters on Darren Bonaparte’s Wampum Chronicles site.

Since the indication of the original dream was to post links to the Peacemaker, here are a couple of links –

The Birth of the Peacemaker

The Peacemaker Brings the Message of Peace to the Kenienke haka

…and so on…click the links at the bottom of each page to continue reading.

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