Ordinary flower, ordinary bee

sunflower center askew

overhead of bee

sunflower bulbous

bee leg

super yellow field

bee ecu

bee face ecuWeekly Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary

32 thoughts on “Ordinary flower, ordinary bee”

  1. Pure gold my dear Kat!
    I don’t know why but I find the bee covered with pollen very moving. Perhaps the grace and balance of the moment? Glorious shots.

    1. He is so sweet, no? He had to stop every couple of minutes to wipe all the pollen off his face and keep going, ploughing onwards, drunken weaving in and out of the bounty he had come upon…

  2. i second M@EGF’s comment – that is exactly what i was thinking as i lingered over these exquisite images!!

    THIS is what i aspire to – amazing kat! no ordinary shots, from no ordinary woman. ❤

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