Details of the Squash Takeover

Mornings on the patio…
Last year, in the borders out here on the patio, I planted a few tomatoes, some peppers, perennials.
This year, not so much, but our new-ish neighbour to the left, after a few tentative tomatoes last year, suddenly decided to go all in.
She has a much larger section of dirt and less patio, so rows were created in the earth, sections for various kinds of tomatoes, beans, herbs, squash, and the tall corn…
For weeks she’s been out there watering her plants every morning, though when you ask her there is a shrug of doubt – she’s an urban girl from Nigeria, she tells me, and her friends back home tease her that she’s come to Canada to become a farmer.
It’s all so new, she says, she herself doesn’t believe the plants will grow.

corn over the fence

June and so far July have been full of long dry sunny days.
Mornings have the rustle of people in pyjamas out watering and tending the flowers, the vegetables – weeks ago the grass dwindled to a shrivelled pale yellow.
But then after so many dry hot days, for a glorious 24 hours it rains…

dark morning after rain

weird blue flower tall

fly and raindrops

And the next day I am out again in the morning sun, and am a bit confused at the huge leaves over on the left.
A massive plant has started growing through the fence from my neighbour’s side…

the squash plant


It has already crowded out the little instalments of parsley and coriander I had growing over in that corner.

parsley gone to seed

parsley and squash flower

She comes around to see it – she can’t believe it!
That her gardening has been so successful the plants are bursting through the fence, seeking out more space to blossom and flourish!

green chaos

curly cues

I lift up a leaf to show her one squash that’s already an astonishing size.
Her eyes widen – the miracle of it!
She tells me I must use not only what is growing on my side, but help myself to her side as well, as she has more vegetables than she knows what to do with. That I must show her how I cook it, as she doesn’t even know anything about this kind of squash.

a squash

tiny squash flower

So, practicing my recipes, this morning for breakfast, I had flor de calabaza with salsa verde… yummmm…

flowers and fence

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17 thoughts on “Details of the Squash Takeover”

  1. Tell your neighbor that plants just naturally grow if they get half a chance.
    I met two women from Malawi once, lovely people. I was quite sorry I would probably never see them again. I asked if they had any vegetables we don’t have here. They said they often use pumpkin leaves. I thought of that particularly when you said “flor de calabaza”. What is the recipe for that?


    1. Hi Terron,
      From what I can make out, you just take the flower off the squash while it is in full bloom, and then ideally you’d put it into a tortilla with melting cheese and some salsa verde (made from the green tomatillos).
      I didn’t have either the tortillas or cheese, but I did put it in with some salsa verde and eggs and beans and rice… you can’t go wrong 🙂

  2. Lovely story & pics, especially those tendrils. Is like the recipe too – sounds like you eat the flowers ?

  3. I love your close pus. The textures you expose the lines and patterns, the curves, the beauty in nearly symetry… And the greens, God the greens!
    The marvelous touch of blue peaking as the flowers is slowly emerging out of a green so pure and perfect is a heart stopper and the prompt for a huge happy grin of gratitude and sheer joy.

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