20130806-201140.jpgShy, tentative marks on the page, trying to remember how to draw – oh I used to do this all the time, it was so easy decades ago…
It is a re-entry into pure eye to hand communication, all visceral observation, any analytical thinking subverted, diverted, short-circuited.

20130806-201214.jpgLast week in the city, at lunch a friend said she had started going to life drawing classes again after an absence of decades. It comes back, she assured me, Like a bicycle…

20130806-201300.jpgEncouraged by my sweet BFF Susan, asked so nicely by Uzoma, and determined to reconnect, experimenting with pencil, pastel, paint, messing around, trying anything to feel less afraid of the page, I begin drawing on photographs –

20130806-201343.jpgIt seems like a desecration at the same time as it is wholly satisfying – an ownership, a branding – a new area to explore while feeling somehowlike a tying up of loose ends…


33 thoughts on “Marks”

    1. It is a tiny shell! So small it wouldn’t fit on the tip of your finger… I am drawn to that one too – more exploring in that direction to come.
      Your kind words have been so very helpful in getting past the fear of the blank page… Much love back, K

  1. That rabbit is ALIVE. I really like the depth of the black that you use to create its eye in the first one, then the difference in the second one. The looser strokes in the second one imply that constant motion that bunnies have, the twitching and sniffing and wiggling. FANTASTIC!

    1. Oh thank you so very much for your kind words!!! Totally making my day… I saw several more bunnies this morning and an thinking to try a few more drawings now – bunnies in all their moods…

      1. Etsy would be easy, or you could open a Cafe Press shop, or just offer them here 🙂 Offer a simple print suitable for framing, something you don’t have to work hard to produce and watch the orders roll in…

  2. Well, if this is what you’re like when you’re rusty, I can’t wait to see what you can create when you’ve had a bit more practice! These are all totally delightful!

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