Threshold of the subway doors, humans and hints of animal beyond – wolfman on subwayThreshold of a slinky bus, during a morning commute, he studies his phone, bathed in light – 20140406-193526.jpgThreshold of a cliff, of the lake, of the edge of the city, of the transition from urban neighbourhoods to the wild beyond – 20140406-193632.jpg
Threshold of a smile, of the beginning of life, of nascent love…20140406-193701.jpgWeekly Photo Challenge – Threshold

9 thoughts on “Threshold”

    1. Hey Guap! Thanks so much!
      No, that is pure Toronto, top to bottom, not a speck of Montreal in sight.
      Maybe now that you’ve done Montreal and Ottawa, you gotta come visit our town….

  1. Great photos on the Threshold… My oh my, missed so many posts.. Will be taking a peek at them all.. And like Arnie.. I WILL BE BACK… But the potatoes are boiling … 🙂 xxxx Hugs Sue

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