Abandoned Photos

runner, truckThey’ve been sitting in a folder in the basement, old old work prints that never quite got finished, and are here scanned. I’m thinking to join a local photo co-op so I can scan some of the old negatives and revisit them, give them some love, resuscitate them from their state of defunctedness.boy w fridgeThey are moments of abandon, in different meanings of the word – a moment of wild running abandon; an abandoned fridge and perhaps child as well; and losing oneself to the abandon of sleep…sleeperWeekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

37 thoughts on “Abandoned Photos”

    1. The colonial buildings – parts of Latin America are so much older and more beautiful than much of the north here where so much is new.
      Thanks Dawn… xx

        1. Mexico City. In all the times I went to Cuba I never took many photos – a few here and there, but not much. Such a shame – some memorable scenes…

    1. Thank you, Stefano. Yes, I feel like that one really deserves a proper printing – and I do have another one that goes with it, 2 other kids just a few feet away with 2 dogs as well. Ah, the lost children…

    1. Hey buddy, thanks so much. Went to the photog co-op today and got the lo-down on the neg scanner there. They also have really cheap large-scale printing! I’m so excited… 🙂

  1. I love the way you bring grace and compassion in your work.
    And I always enjoy your writing.
    I may not leave a trace, but I come and stroll through words and images, always a thing of beauty.

    1. Traces of an invisible Emmy in the little French flag that shows up sometimes 🙂
      Lovely too when you do leave more than just a trace.
      I’ve been missing your writing lately – so little free time these days, haven’t been reading. Need a long day of nothing stretching in front of me to catch up, see what’s happening on the Med.

  2. A noble, rewarding, and endlessly-fascinating project. I love wandering through my archives of negatives, slides, and old prints and usually can manage to come up with one or two lost treasures. You are fortunate that you’ve found a local resource for reasonably-priced scanning. May the memories bring you much renewed inspiration!

  3. These are great! The first image instantly reminded me of a wartime shot… it has that feeling for me. I discovered your blog from a comment you made on Edith Levy’s blog and thought I’d check out your stuff… it’s really great. Are you in Toronto? What is this co-op you speak of? I’m intrigued because I’m starting to shoot some film again, and this could be ideal.

    1. Shane! Thanks for the follow and comment – I will check you out too when I’m on something bigger than a phone :). The co-op is Gallery 44 – check it out. I’m just new with them but they have so much great stuff – darkroom, scanners, camera rentals, etc. See you there!

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