Big lake, big thaw, splash of orange

Seven degrees today and everyone was out, the streets bustling again after so many cold quiet weeks and months.
Early in the morning I felt the pull down to the beach, down to the water, some deep hankering need to see the, beaches in march 5Sigh….YES. Β That expanse of water, so big it only freezes along the edges, the ice now melting and breaking off into, beaches in march 4What is it about large bodies of water that are so powerful, so enchanting?ice, beaches in march 7I lingered as long as I could, taking photos of nothing in particular, thinking again how photography is really just an excuse for other things – an excuse to be outside, an excuse to talk to people, a means to an end…
Wandering further down the beach there were more people, some of them exploring a series of architecture student installations, strange colourful creations around empty lifeguard, beaches in march 1 w orange thingyOthers were walking their dogs. Β One orange dog bounded happily down the beach and into the water, only to stop short as the iciness hit his legs and made him think again –ice, beaches in march w dogPoor fellow.
I thought immediately of another photo I had from the summer, of a dog bounding in just so, at precisely this same location, but his happiness was entirely unmitigated.
dog at beach, iphoneWeekly Photo Challenge – Orange

21 thoughts on “Big lake, big thaw, splash of orange”

  1. These are just excellent. I think the ice flows make for such dramatic photos. The contrasting colors of the fish house make it so interesting.

    1. Oh Guap, it was SUCH a lovely morning, and everyone starts getting all excited and upbeat and going outside again and talking about spring… but, well, it’s only early March. I’m almost afraid to get too optimistic…

  2. Such dramatic shapes and texture! Love it.
    I enjoyed the contrast of the dogs attitude. Wonderful
    And the orange shapes of the hanging fabric echoed at the edge of the frame, by the man’s hat is downright musical! Orange and pale blue… complimenting in more ways than one. Brilliant!

    1. Awwww, thanks Em.
      That poor dog – he looked so disappointed 😦
      So glad you noticed the orange hat!! Ha!!
      (Am still reading about the Camino, and very torn about whether or not I should just be working, being productive… going to try some tarot cards…)

      1. You are being productive! Creating/producing…. enlightening and inspiring. How is that unproductive?
        I know, it doesn’t pay the rent… still. It’s the power of words we say and hear ourselves speak that I am conscious of. πŸ™‚

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