Planetary Ephemera

Just before the corner at Yonge and Eglinton, I look up.
There, between the towering office and condo buildings, at this quintessential Toronto corner, I see a handful of planets.
Big. Close. Coloured like Easter eggs.
A couple of them are stripy and one has big gold stars on it like when you were a kid and got a gold star sticker from the teacher.
In a flash, I remember, Oh oh oh! Sergio taught us to make a wish, to ask the dream for what we want whenever we see gold or silver!
What do I want?
This is it, this is it, what do I really really really want….?
Whatever that means, whatever form it takes, just simply, abundance.
And I ask the gold stars on the easter egg planets in the sky at Yonge & Eglinton for abundance.
photoThe weekend is filled with friends and laughter, and by Sunday morning I make it to dance class for the first time in months and there by the door as we’re pulling on our socks, the conversation turns to an old film I cut, and these amazing ladies oooh and aaahh about how much they love that film, and what a good job, what a great film, and suddenly I realize, it occurs to me that I love my life. I love my friends, I love my work, where it has taken me, how it has touched lives. I love these people I know, people I meet in passing, the friends and teachers and talents and characters and stories and places I have known along the way.
And it doesn’t stop there. No, that’s just the beginning. Next there is an acceptance into a photo show, an invitation to join an online writing course with an amazing teacher, Em’s delightful taunting temptations to cross the big pond, and then, so exquisitely random, a super-talented musician in Australia lands upon a drawing of a lion I did and wants to use it to accompany his beautiful song about his daughter –

In whatever form it takes…
It sure as heck feels like abundance…
Beaming with gratitude…
photoThese were done with the Skyview app
Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

11 thoughts on “Planetary Ephemera”

    1. At our old house the back yard was dark enough one night I was sure I could see Saturn. I used that app, which shows you where the planets are in the sky, and it lined up right. Seem to remember there is something Bigger Brighter happening now that I saw mentioned on National Geographic… will have to look…

  1. Thank you Kat!
    Yess! Abundance… You’d think that with a quick glance around we would get that it is Nature’s way!
    I am very happy that things are lining up.
    And yes, it’s just the beginning. I will keep you posted.

    There is a spot in the alley where I walk Eros, my dog, every night from which we can see so much of the sky and star-filled!
    Jupiter has been visible for a long time now and I saw Saturn too(very early in the morning!) A delight.

    Lovely song too, by the way, and I can see why he liked the drawing! 🙂

    1. You saw Saturn too! I was just saying to John I swear I saw Saturn, but almost didn’t believe my own eyes… I love that feeling, of being so tiny in such a large universe 🙂

      1. Yes I did at 4:30 in the morning…
        I can’t wrap my head around the size of the Universe. Facts don’t match the sensory experience which is that the tree tops snag the moon and if I could just stretch a little….;-)

  2. May you not miss the opportunities that come along! Be careful not to dismiss them too quickly as unbelievable!


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