17 thoughts on “Intricate Tree”

  1. The textures! oh my!
    Fingers itching to feel bark and trace wrinkles and folds.
    Hey, I have an Ent in my yard… A tired one, but sweet and wise. 😉

    1. It seems their very nature to be tired, sweet and wise… this one is not that wide, so must be relatively young (not yet ready to star in movies) and yet even so, those soft, hairy bits, yes, don’t you just want to touch?
      Your yard is getting more and more vivid and detailed in my mind… 🙂

  2. Trees are also a favorite photo subject. I simply loved this post. The photos are amazing, showing the intricate details of trees that we often miss. Chiming in from the fb group Get Your Muse On…Lovely blog, by the way!

    1. Well, hello Rosanna from Get Your Muse On! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂
      Yes, that tree is a knockout, but trees generally are very compelling subjects…
      See you on FB

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