I had a date with Wind this morning.
Early, I told him. Sunrise. Our usual spot.
But when I opened the curtains as the faintest light began, there was no sign of him. He was a no-show.
empty chair looking out no wmHe hadn’t been around for a number of days – dull listless grey days – so I’d thought maybe calling him up, specifically requesting his presence might help.
Apparently not.
Oh well, I thought, I can get a few errands done.
On my bike, heading towards town, he snuck up and flung a cardinal across my path.
Where are you going? Why are you ignoring me? Sulking, petulant.
Ignoring YOU? I cried out to the skies. You’ve been nowhere to be seen for days! I came up here for birds soaring in the wind, for dramatic Tom Thomson skies, and there has been nothing. Nothing but quiet.
He rustled in some grasses. Bare trees began to bend and the sun reached through some clouds, flickering and reflecting, beaming down onto the barren land.god shot barren landscapeIs this what you’re thinking? Some typical God shot?
Yes, yes. That kind of thing. Don’t be such a snob. I need something that I can, like, make into a poster and sell to Ikea or something and get rich.
You’re delusional, he said. He blew a sudden gust at me from behind and I caught a whiff of something potent, almost like Horse, but not here, I thought, must be Bear.
Looking around, I saw nothing – the bear would likely be across the inlet in the trees.
Nonetheless, I began to move. Thank you, Wind.
He shrugged, a tiny puff. Anyway you’re missing out on the subtler things here. The shifts in the melting ice. The returning birds. The grasses dead and decomposing and being reborn. Each day is slightly different – more melting, more growing, more movement. Just look at that one wee swan out there, lost in the ice.single swan on iceAnd the strange prickly shapes that happen as the ice begins to fragment and disperse – the mini-icebergs in the water and how their edges turn into little quartz crystals as they shift and bump.sun reflected in ice break upOr the pre-historic looking circles, the water melting on top of the ice, reaching down to the water below, seeking itself, seeking warmth, carving shapes.ice candles w reflectorfxMaybe if you spend a little more time with these small miracles, I will put on a show for you another day.
And then he was gone.
There was still time for errands.
Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat
* * *
This post felt like it blew in, appropriately, from 4 Directions.
The most immediate prompting came from Promptress Supreme, Jena Schwartz, who leads delightful writing groups, whose Day One susurration teased out this dialogue with place.
A deep rumbling influence has been an online course I’ve been taking on Shamanism with Sandra Ingerman. Weekly journeys, the drumming, the focus on the elements, the dialogues with the animals, have all made it increasingly normal, and even urgent to have conversations with the Natural World.
Some months ago I read an exquisite little book by author / illustrator Jackie Morris, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, in which there are fascinating seductive conversations between the main character and the 4 Winds – East, South, West and North.
And wearing away at my mind like water for months, or maybe it’s years now, is the achingly beautiful poetry of my online buddy, Em, and her many playful and poignant conversations with the elements in her part of the world.

29 thoughts on “Floating”

    1. HAHA!!!! I was going to put a kind of “credits” at the end of the post, and refer to her wind posts, as well as a gorgeous little book by Jackie Morris, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, cause I know these 2 women have planted this kind of conversation in my mind… but then it seemed like a lot of words and I didn’t. Might still correct that 🙂

    2. Thank you for the mention Kat.
      Gorgeous photos and great narrative as usual!
      I love the picture of water pooling on melting ice floating on water. The colors and barely there lines are exquisite. Water in all its states is an everyday miracle. Wind is right I think.

  1. Loved all the Miracles you witnessed Kat, and I am pleased the Wind spoke to you after being so quiet. You captured so many miracles, ones that people so often miss…. Many thanks for sharing them
    I am so pleased I floated your way also today xxx .. ❤ Sue x

      1. I have caught up a little, I am going to put your blog in my browers as I am not getting any updates from you.. so I can visit more regular.. But I have really enjoyed all your posts and catching up today my friend.. Have a Lovely Week.. Hugs Sue ❤ ❤ xx

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  3. Connecting to nature is as difficult(or as easy) as connecting to another human being, but when you develop a relationship it’s just as intense! Great post and photos!

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