Broken Rock Face

cormorant island
Friday afternoons are sketching class – the best day of the week.
Each week we go to a different location, a park somewhere close by, in the ‘hood, and set up to draw whatever presents itself.
This week was the Scarborough Bluffs.
tree leaning down cliff side
Such an amazing place – I’d never been this far east and south before, and wow, what a fascinating, strange place, almost like being at the ocean with the strong winds, the sound of waves on the beach, the gulls and kingfishers diving for fish –
A place to come back to when the sun is low on the horizon and the skies glow orange and magenta.
But it was interesting too how harsh and desolate the cliff faces looked in the bright afternoon light, the ravages of time and water on the shapes of the rocks –
overhang full size
edge, gull, treetop
My drawing companions tease me that no matter what I draw – a rock, a tree, an animal – it ends up looking vaguely like the human figure.
A drawing of a cliff face also seems to hold a variety of human faces, snouts and orifices –
hoodoos drawing
Another rock drawing suggest reclining figures, hairy crevices and the folds of flesh –
rock fountain drawing
A drawing of tree hints at perhaps a headless torso, arms, a belly-button –
tree torso drawing
Another tree could be an underarm, or a knee –
tree branch drawing
That is my hand, my mark, apparently.
Out in the sun and wind, facing these cliffs, blown away by the sheer force of the place, it’s hard to even put pencil to paper, the desire to simply soak in the splendour of the day is so overpowering.
Yes, this too is Toronto…
cliff lake vistaWeekly Photo Challenge – Broken

33 thoughts on “Broken Rock Face”

    1. Hi Terron. Something was said about sand formations. And hoodoos. I looked up hoodoos and saw only a reference to those out in the Alberta badlands, but apparently the 2 peaks in my first drawing there are also hoodoos – strange formations coming out of an arid land.

  1. The slight semblance to the human figure is subtly disturbing; I can appreciate a beautiful landscape of flesh and body parts stretched across rocks and trees

  2. Stark beauty with the impressions of eons of time, geological time, moving, grinding, layering, sculpting space into forms… Beautiful shots bring it home Kat.
    The narrative switches from the infinite to the personal. But the sketches go deeper, to the innerself, to the eye of the heart apprehending the world, giving the onlooker a privileged seat from which to see what you, the artist, is seeing, both consciously and unconsciously(but I saw the outline of a horse’s head as clearly as my hand in one of your sketches!).
    You will love the dancers’ limbs in the parasol pines, the bodies and faces in the plane trees, the silly faces and wee dragons of stubborn growths, and of course, the Med’s carvings in the calanques… Can’t wait to show you. 🙂

    1. Oh I see it! I see the horse, now that you mention it – of course!!
      You bring true poetry to describe the sculpting of the rocks over time – lovely words.
      This week I made my first sale of some photos. The beginning of an unimaginable abundance that will carry me across the pond to you… 🙂

  3. I believe the original Scarborough is a place in Yorkshire. It seems to be the universal custom of immigrants to name place where they go after places they comme from. There is a song “Scarborough Fair”.

  4. Nice sketches! I also like the interpretation of human bodies. The reclining figure reminds me of my previous post on Jeff Koons’ work. Thanks for visiting my blog and follow.

  5. I loved your sketches, it’s always great to live near places that can inspire you so much. For me, it is the beaches around that make me relax. But I prefer to sketch people, because I like the dynamics. Your work is amazing, slight resemblance of bodies is appreciated.

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    1. It is definitely your kind of place James, although I’m not sure there’d be the dramatic waves and spray we see in your photos. Still I think I should go back for either early morning or sunset….

  7. Such a beautiful place to set up and sketch.. I can see why you look forward to Sketching Class…. And smiled as you described your human trees.. To me they all have personality 😀 Thank you for sharing your day and sketches.. Lovely photo shots.. Hugs Sue xx

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