At the farm

I was up at a friend’s farm for a week.

It’s such a treat to

a) get out of the city, get out of the traffic and construction and virus cases going up fast fast fast, and

b) hang out with friends around a dinner table and the fire at night and the coffee in the morning, and be social and silly for hours and even days on end without worrying about corona the way we do in the city.

Each morning I’d try to slip out the side door and go for a walk, past the hungry barn cats, down the dirt road to the fields to catch some early morning light –

 Startling the horses, startling the cows…

There was a fair bit of rain, but that only gave way to dramatic clouds and even rainbows, adding to the magic of time OUTSIDE.

After my walk I’d do my morning meditation behind the house under this silver maple, so massive I couldn’t even fit it in the frame – 

From there I might wander out back to the garden, full of giant zucchinis and squash and kale and sunflowers that towered above me.

If there wasn’t too much rain, we’d head out to the back cabin, back away from the highway, with just the river and crickets and frogs and this old tree stump that made me think of a menhir.

I took pictures of it again and again, trying to find what it was that made it so majestic and mysterious.

One night we even spent the night out in that back cabin, and the moon, growing fuller on its way to the Harvest Moon, danced over the river…

Lens Artists Photo Walk

11 thoughts on “At the farm”

  1. What a treat for us to enjoy these beautiful photos! Spactacular sky and clouds. I love the image of the rainbow and the fall colors. Moon, danced over the river, unbelievably beautiful.
    Thank you, Katharine for taking us there. 🙂

  2. Amazing skies Kat – I loved your post. Didn’t realize Toronto was struggling so much. Everything we read here talks about how well Canada is doing. Virus or not, it’s always wonderful to have a change of scenery, especially from the city to the country and also vice versa. Your images are beautiful. I loved the stormy skies especially.

    1. Relatively speaking, we have been doing well, but the second wave is hitting Quebec and Ontario rather hard. It’s a good thing I got out of town when I did, cause the next lockdown is coming our way! Thanks so much for your comment 🥰

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