The Sun Came Out

The last few days the weather in Toronto has been increasingly amazing. Each day warmer and sunnier than the last. Gorgeous. Record breaking.

As a Brazilian friend once said: It must be hard for Canadians to be against climate change…

Oh yeah. When you get September style weather in November – how many people have I seen in shorts the last couple of days?

However, the week was still a bit tense as the entire world watched the slow election results in the States, and here on the backside of the lakefront, there is endless construction, so it’s never exactly peaceful … I swear in 10 years this neighbourhood will be the bomb, but right now…

And then suddenly it’s a Saturday and it’s warm and sunny and since first thing at daybreak droves of cyclists have been out on the bike path. I take a few minutes to wash down the balcony, cause all the construction dust, not to mention all the bird poo that’s been piling up since I started putting food out for the birds…

And it’s shaping up to be just a fantastic Saturday already when they finally announce Joe Biden as the winner of the election, and BOOM

Everyone’s outside. Up and down the boardwalk.

It’s just so much good all at once, all of a sudden.

Through the happy active walkers, one guy rides by on his e-bike, a boom box blasting…

A woman in the park dances free and expressive, a tiny creative figure all on her own….

Passing the family on the next bench, a little girl sings Twinkle twinkle, little star…

And rounding the next corner a few guys have set up one heck of a powerful sound system on one of the picnic tables and are clearly intent on starting a party… deep house mix…

Each group of people rounding the corner lights up as they land into the sound bubble of booming tunes. A little girl appears, claps, skips, and makes a b-line for the music, her grandma trailing behind…

Back home I put out new food for the birds, turn up the tunes, and dance on the balcony as the sun sets on a fabulous Saturday …

Lens Artists – The Sun Will Come Out

20 thoughts on “The Sun Came Out”

  1. Wow! I can see why Canadians don’t mind the global warming, but here in Florida we’re already semi-tropical and it just gets hotter. I think I’m moving to Canada. It’s been a hot fall until very recently, but it’s actually quite nice here today at 79 degrees fahrenheit. Thank you for the fresh perspective and gorgeous images of a delicious day.

    1. Janet, there is a thing they say about Toronto being the city that has the most cranes in the air… although I doubt that stat, there is another one about something like 100,000 people moving to the city each year. And that does require more cranes in the air all the time…

  2. Wow, good for you for tolerating all of that construction! We are all heartened to see the reaction to our election results, and are hoping we will see movement toward unifying our many factions. Like you, we are enjoying a warm winter, but unlike you it probably means a beastly summer as well!! Beautiful, fun post!

  3. Excellent. That opening shot, with sun, leaves, and water, is a stunner. Speaking of James Brown, a couple of days ago I watched the James Brown biopic ‘Get on Up’, starring recently deceased Chadwick Boseman. Excellent movie that might be available on cable tv. Covered a LOT of J.B. hits.

    1. I worried about that as well, but apparently the guys with the big sound system never attracted too much crowd, and everyone went home early… We’ll see in a couple of weeks if the weekend was one of those superspreader moments.

  4. What a happy, joyful post, Katharine. I’m so glad you documented the joy on the streets and in the parks. We had the same thing here in the USA. A spontaneous celebration. Enjoy the sunshine! We had the same summer weather for a few days. It was wonderful.

    1. I’m sure there were some fantastic street parties in the U.S.! Unfortunately the usual November cold has returned here… sigh… global warming is not so transformative at this latitude…

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