IMG_0598There was a mess.
The mess needed space.
A place to make mess.
A place to put messy things all over the floors and the walls and any surface I can reach stretching on tippy-toes on top of the chair.
IMG_0595All my socks are covered in paint and glue and fragments of unknown ancient dirt, remnants of previous tenants.
IMG_0587Some angles look deceptively tidy, but people stop at the doorway and say “Hi!” without coming in because the mess is wall to wall.
IMG_0597Some corners have recent experiments – here drawing a wolf large on synthetic, tree-free paper, a gliding delicious sensation.
2015/01/img_0596.jpgOther walls have the well-established themes…the Cats.
At a drawing group earlier in the week, someone said, “Animals are really your thing, huh?”.
And although I hadn’t noticed it happening – it snuck up on me through dreams and metaphors and the occasional crossing of paths – it appears to be true.
IMG_0590Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

23 thoughts on “Expressing”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Did you see me exploring your messy place? Such fun I had reading your cats ( Kat! Of course, all about exploring the self and listening, and growing.)
    A joy to see the process work its magic. Thank you for opening up your space for us to enjoy and wonder.

    1. Em…. thanks so much for your kind words.
      The cats came unbidden – BIG terrifying cats in my dreams.
      But there is something about fear moving us out into the new, beyond our comfort zone…???

  2. Katalina, lol- i’d say your perception of mess would be to most people their version of having an artistic look and feel to their home. Your space inspires creativity- I’d be making art all day if I was sitting in your mess. πŸ™‚

    1. Haha! I was surprised no one called me out on this before – all these photos are pretty tame, its true. The thing was, I was doing this in the living room/ common room, which was pretty unlivable, so now I’ve moved the painting to this tiny studio a few blocks from home, part of a kind of co-op kind of place. But these photos were from the first few days, and each day is messier and messier…. but it is fun πŸ™‚

  3. So loved being invited into your studio of wonderful art.. And that tiger so reminds me of one I tried to paint.. Animals are my thing too.. I so need to just switch off from the Laptop and open my paint boxes again.. Thank you for your timely reminder Kat.. And will be back to comment upon your lastest post.. I really must close the lid now..
    Hugs your way xxx ❀ Sue

    1. Yes, GO! Step AWAY from the computer!
      That tiger had a good beginning – there was something I discovered there that I’m excited about – the kind of transparency of the crazy coloured pattern underneath the recognizable tiger shapes – but I think he’s headed for the dustbin. The composition was all wrong from the start and the execution is feeling all tight and wonky and wrong to me. But a good discovery process…. πŸ™‚

    1. I am awfully fond of my mess as well – but this week I have to clean up for an “open studio” night, with people and wine and cheese and all that good stuff.
      Thanks for your kind words… ❀

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